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A Simple 11-step Process of Setting Wet Hair in Rollers

Setting Wet Hair In Rollers
Setting wet hair in rollers gives bounce and volume to limp, lifeless hair, without using any chemicals or excess heat. Wet or damp hair sets faster and better. For best results, shampoo and condition the hair right before you start.
Anannya Saikia
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Hair rollers are perfect for getting those lovely curls and adding volume to your hair. The curls look natural and are easy to control - using a big roller with a higher diameter will give bigger, relaxed waves and thin rollers will result in tighter curls. You can also style the hair in the comfort of your home. Plus, it is a lot less time-consuming as you can carry on with your daily activities once the rollers are in place. The best thing about this method though, is that the damage is minimal, as you don't necessarily require many chemicals or heat for the rollers to work. You can use a styling product like a mousse or hair spray to keep the curls in longer. The structure of the hair is not permanently altered, so the hair goes back to its natural state within a couple of days. The very little damage also means you can play around with the styling more frequently.
Step-by-Step Method of Setting Wet Hair in Rollers
Step 1
step 1 - de-tangle hair
Brush your hair and make sure it is tangle-free. If your hair is dry, spray some water on it to dampen it. Freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair will give you the best curls.
Step 2
Step 2 - use styling product if necessary
If you want the curls to stay longer, you can apply a styling product at this point - it will also make the styling easier.
Step 3
Step 3 - split in parts
Divide the hair in four parts - front, back, left and right. Pin them up with the help of large clips.
Step 4
Step 4 - section hair and set roller
Start from the front, remove the clip and section the hair into equal parts - the hair in each section should cover around 80% of the width of the roller. The number of sections will vary depending on the thickness of the hair and the rollers. You may use the pointy end of a comb to get clean sections.
Step 5
Hold a section of hair straight and place the hair around the roller. Then start rotating the roller so that the hair wraps on it in a tight coil. Pull the hair taut occasionally as you go along. Make sure all the hair is on the roller, as the slipped hair could look limp, spoiling the entire styling.
Step 6
Fix the rolled hair using a clip or pin; if your roller comes with a clip, follow the instructions on the package. Make sure you leave about half an inch from the roots. Rollers secured too close could pull the hair making you feel uncomfortable and put unnecessary strain on the hair.
Step 7
Step 7 - continue rolling other sections also
Continue in a similar manner with other sections. Spray some water on the hair if it feels too dry.
Step 8
Once all the hair is set in rollers you may spray it with a hair product. This is especially useful if you have thick, coarse or dry hair.
Step 9
Step 9 - use dryer for faster results
At this point you can either leave the rollers in for about 5-6 hours or for faster results, use a hair dryer to dry the hair. Set the dryer on low-medium heat and make sure it is at least six inches away from the scalp. Drying time will vary for each person, so unwind a roller from an inconspicuous area to check if the hair has dried completely.
Step 10
Once the hair has dried completely, unwind the roller slowly to avoid tangling.
Step 11
Run your fingers through the hair if you want tighter curls. A relaxed, wavy look can be achieved by brushing the hair.
A Few Tips to Get Those Perfect Curls
  • Combining different sizes of rollers will make it easier to get the perfect style, especially, if you have layers or bangs.
  • Hair should make at least three rounds around the roller to get the right curls.
  • Choose the right rollers for you - magnetic rollers are tougher to use but give the best curls and the drying time is more. Use plastic mesh rollers, if you are in a hurry or are a beginner.
  • The diameter of the roller will affect the curls. Generally, a thin roller will give you tight curls and a thick roller will result in a more relaxed, wavy look.
Types of Rollers
Rollers come in many different shapes and sizes, here is a short list of the most common ones in the market.
Magnetic Rollers
Unlike what the name suggests, there is no magnet in these rollers, instead they attract wet or damp hair and hence called 'magnetic hair rollers'. They are perfect for long hair and will give you loose, bouncy curls, but need a practiced hand to set them just right.
Foam Rollers
These rollers are made from soft, squishy foam. The best thing about them is that you can sleep comfortably in them, without getting an achy neck. They are also the gentlest and least damaging rollers, so go for them if you have thin, fragile hair.
Bender Rollers or Spiral Rollers
These are basically foam rods which can be twisted to hold the hair in place. They are very easy to use and fairly comfortable to sleep in.
Velcro Rollers
These very versatile rollers have Velcro on them, so they are very easy to use and won't require any additional clips to keep the hair in place.
Plastic Mesh Rollers
A variation of the magnetic rollers, these have holes in them, so the hair dries much faster. The holes also make it easier to fix them with pins.
Snap-on Rollers
These have a plastic covering or cage that can be snapped on after the hair has been wrapped around the rollers. So the rollers can be secured without pins or clips.
Setting hair in rollers is an easy, chemical-free and least damaging way of curling hair. Plus the resulting hair has a natural flow to it, giving an effortless, chic vibe to any look. So, go ahead and roll that hair and turn into a glamor-diva without splurging in the salon or on the curling iron.
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