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Relaxers for Curly Hair

Here are tips on selecting a good hair relaxer for curly hair, and the best products available...
HairGlamourista Staff
There are many products available to straighten hair, you can go with permanent straightening treatments or with temporary straightening techniques like using a straightening iron or blow drying. One of these products are the hair relaxers and hair texturizer. These are opted by people who have tight curls.
Best Relaxers for the Curly Hair Type
Before we start looking at the shopping tips and best products, let us understand how a hair relaxer works. Most chemical-based hair relaxers contain strong alkaline chemicals, which after applying to the hair alter the natural texture of your hair. The hair contains an inside layer called the cortical layers. The chemicals in the relaxer penetrate this layer and help to loosen up the curls. However, using these products tend to cause many side effects, as the cortical layers helps to give the hair elasticity and strength. Also, the strong chemicals can rip the hair off moisturizer and a heavy conditioner is required to maintain healthy hair.
The best relaxer for coarse hair are the lye-based ones, as they act faster and last longer. However, they can be very damaging to the hair and dry the hair out. There are milder, no-lye based products available, but their application time is longer.
Both the chemical-based hair relaxer products can be damaging to hair, hence using them for long time is not recommended. Hence, pick a milder hair relaxer or go with natural hair relaxers. There are many products of these type available, you can shop for them online or in beauty stores.
You can also create some natural relaxers recipes at home. To create a natural hair relaxer take ΒΌ cup of olive oil and warm it, then apply it all over your hair and cover your scalp and hair with it. Then wear a disposable shower cap and wrap a warm towel over your hair. You can apply heat to the towel using a blow-dryer for about 5 - 10 minutes, then take off the towel and cap and keep the oil for 1 - 2 hours more, then wash off your hair with shampoo.
Another good recipe is using cocoa butter. Buy cocoa butter and apply it all over your hair, make sure you apply a generous amount of the butter. Then wear a shower cap and wear a hot towel over the hair for 10 minutes. Let the butter sit for 1 - 2 hours or more, then wash your hair.
If you want to use a good relaxer for African-American hair or super curly hair you can consider using Organic Root Olive Oil Relaxer, Affirm by Avon, or Optimum Care Relaxers. The olive oil one is milder hence safer to use, and doesn't dry out the hair. It also comes with a good conditioner. Affirm is mostly used by professionals and has a slower application time, but gives a nice bounce to the hair. Optimum Care Relaxers are affordable and most rated by users, also they are a quality product. But, make sure you buy the right strength one.