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Perms for Thick Hair

Perms for Thick Hair
Women with thick hair should consider getting a perm done, as it makes the hair look absolutely amazing. This article gives you perming options that you can consider.
Medha Godbole
If you were thinking about any special kind of perm for thick hair, then allow me tell you that there are 3 types of perms which can be used to curl thick hair. Of course it is a fact that either of these will be better suited for thick hair.
Acid Perms
These perms are used for creating highly conditioned and flexible waves. Acid perms have a chemical agent called glyceryl monothioglycollate that has a milder acidic action. These take longer time as compared to other types of perms on account of their gentle formulation. All these reasons lead to a good option for fine, sensitive, bleached, fragile, porous, chemically treated, damaged, or tinted hair. An acidic perm reduces the risk of hair damage as they have a mildly acidic action. This type of perm requires heat to open up the cuticle scales for entering the cortex.
Exothermic Perms
Also called exothermic waves, these perms are self heating and self timing. The word exothermic indicates the creation of gentle heat which is a result of a chemical reaction occurs on mixing a lotion. Resilient and bouncy curls are created by this method. The lotion is penetrated in the cuticle because of the heat and it conditions and strengthens the hair from within.
Alkaline Perms
A perm which is retained for a longer period of time is the specialty of alkaline perms. The reason these are preferred when it comes to thick hair, is the fact that these can be applied faster than the other two types of perms, that is hardly 20 minutes. No extra heat is required during the application. Ammonium thioglycolate is the active chemical agent in this type of perm. Normally this type of perm is opted for thick hair or even otherwise.
Perming Thick Hair
According to experts, one of the best type of hair for perming is thick hair with a natural wave. In fact perms for thick hair can be a real life saver. What you can do for perming your hair is after washing your hair, flip it upside down and apply gel into it. That will prevent your hair from frizzing after it dries. Now part your hair as you want it and let it air dry. Use a curl spritzer after it is dry and start curling one section at a time. Remember that the less hair you curl at one time, the better the effect will be. For getting those nice curls, you can used different types of rods - the smaller they are the tighter the curl would be. Take good care of your hair during and after getting curls.
Of course these beautiful curly locks do not come without a price! One thing which is very important here is to understand that perming has to be carefully done. It is better to get them done by a stylist in a proper manner.