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Perms for Medium Hair

Magnificent Perms for Medium Length Hair That Give a Cool Look

Perms are an excellent way to style medium and long hair. They are of various types, ranging from the not-so-obvious root perms to beautifully created spiral perms.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
I had a very curly perm in the '80s, thanks to the 'Way You Make Me Feel' Michael Jackson video. I liked the girl in it.
― Penelope Cruz
Some people have a misconception that perming implies introducing curls into straight hair. It is partly true, and many beauty-conscious women opt for it for the same motive. However, perms are not just for creating waves, but you can make your curly hair straight with this hair styling option.

So, if you are bored of your regular haircut styles and ideas, perming is a great shortcut to getting a new look. And if you have medium-length hair, there are different types of perms, of which you can choose one as per your facial structure.
Perming Styles for Medium-length Hair
So, you have been looking forward to perming your hair? All you need is to select the type of perming that's ideal for your hair texture, length, face shape, and more importantly, the way you carry off yourself. For college-goers, spiral perms and tight curls will look best, while straight hair and loose curls are perfect for a formal look. For your reference, the various types of perms are presented below.
Spiral Perms
Spiral Perm
These are created by using a special type of long hair rods. Hair strands are then woven around the rods to form ringlet-like curls all around the head. You can opt for partial or whole-length treatment. In the former case, only the lower portion is treated with perming solution, while the latter is for whole hair treatment.
Partial Spiral Perms
Partial Spiral Perm
Uniform curls are added only in the bottom half of hair by applying perming solution, while the upper portion is retained straight. As chemical treatment is not required in the hair roots or crown, this type of perm is suited for people with sensitive hair, and those having hair fall problems.
Spot Perms
Spot Perm
Here, only some sections of the hair are treated. In other words, you can select specific areas of hair for perming, while retaining the natural texture in the remaining areas. For example, some women prefer spot perms to add curly tendrils on both sides of the face, while other may opt for flip waves in the tips.
Loose Perms
Loose Perm
An all-time favorite for every beautiful women is loose curls, maintained throughout the length. This curly hairstyle looks natural, rather than chemically treated hair. When compared to tight and spiral curls, loose curls are easy to maintain and care for, as hair tangling and breakage are low.
Stack Perms
Stack Perm
This is for those who have uniform, medium-length hair. The objective is to create a layered haircut-like pattern to medium long, straight hair, without actually going for a haircut. Best done in a beauty salon, the hairstylist uses hair perming rollers of various sizes for stack perming the bottom half section.
Root Perms
Root Perm
If your aim is to add volume to hair or lift your hair crown, then root perming is for you. Here, only the hair roots are treated with a perming solution to create a more voluminous look. There are virtually no curls, and people can hardly make out that you have permed your hair. So, maintain your natural hair look with an added volume with root perms.
Thus, in contrast to the limited options of perms for short hair, you can enjoy many choices for styling medium-long hair. However, the perming procedures involve application of chemical-based products. Hence, if you are very conscious about your hair texture, learn the pros and cons of creating perms. In case you really want to proceed with it, follow proper hair care tips to maintain lustrous, healthy hair.
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