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Popular Organic Hair Color Brands

Popular Organic Hair Color Brands

A good brand of organic hair color is free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals, and uses healthy botanical extracts of herbs and plants. This article gives you a list of tried and tested brands that you may find suitable for your hair.
Saptakee Sengupta
Beautifully colored locks look stunning. And to help you get such gorgeous hair, numerous brands of hair highlights, colors, and dyes have flooded the market. Choosing a good brand from such a wide range is a difficult task and very often you end up buying a product that contains ingredients that are capable of causing tremendous damage to your hair. Almost all chemical based dyes contain ammonia that is detrimental for the health of your hair. But, if you are hell-bent on getting your hair colored, then opt for an organic hair color. The ingredients are mainly botanical extracts and are completely safe for your scalp as well as your hair.

The nature of hair color products differs according to their lasting effect. A hair color can be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. The key ingredients are extracts of various plants that render color to hair and are beneficial for the growth and volume of hair. Henna is the main component of this color. Since, the good quality brands are devoid of ammonia, their products guarantee damage free results. The bounties of natural ingredients maintain protein balance and moisture in the hair. The essential ingredients are aloe vera, comfrey extract, grapefruit extract, orange peels, chamomile, etc. Unlike chemical hair dyes, organic colors are free from parabens.

However, you have to, and you must undertake the patch test, even if you are using organic colors. This is meant to ensure that the color suits your hair and doesn't cause any irritation or allergies after application. To test a particular brand, apply a stroke of color on your elbow and leave it for half an hour. If no damaging effects are observed, then the color is safe for application.

Popular Brands

It's very difficult to figure out which is the best hair color because the effect will depend upon the texture of your hair. These brands have been rated premium by women who have used them on their hair. Check them out.
  • Naturtint is organically approved and offers full coverage to the hair. Being ammonia free, they are wonderful for finer hair strands.
  • Henna hair color is purely organic, containing botanical extracts of henna plants. It also contains shikakai, amla, and other plant extracts. However, it is a temporary hair dye. You need to apply the hair color at least once a month for ultimate shine and luster.
  • Creme of Nature is an excellent hair color for all types of hair. It is known for the wonderful hydrating effect that it renders to hair. It is meant for darkening the hair.
  • Palette by Natureā„¢ is free from azo dyes, ammonia, parabens, paraphenylene diamine, and all other types of synthetic chemicals. It contains plant-based natural dyes like leaf extracts of green tea, emblica, honeysuckle, calendula, hawthorne fruit, rooibos, etc. Being rich in antioxidants like chlorophyll and quercetin, this is a wonderful product.
  • Other products like Herbatint, Vegetal, Color Me Natural, Naturtint, EcoColors, and Organic Color Systems are also good for the hair. They are either permanent or semi-permanent in nature.
Good quality brands have a test kit packed inside. Read the instructions carefully and try and test them first. The best way is to get it done at a reputed salon for getting perfect highlights or full volume coverage. Check out the ingredients and then make the purchase. You may also apply a paste of fresh henna leaves, mixed with egg white, and yogurt for best results. Apply the mixture once a month for getting smooth, shiny, and silky hair. Once you have gone organic, make sure you apply organic shampoos and conditioners meant for color retention.