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Keratin Hair Treatment Reviews

Skeptic About Keratin Hair Treatment? Read These Reviews

You're hearing about it everywhere and women are swearing by this treatment. Still skeptical? These keratin hair treatment reviews will help you decide whether or not you want to go for it.
Puja Lalwani
The latest buzz in the world of hair styling and straightening is the Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Found to be a much healthier alternative to the Japanese hair straightening treatment, a lot of women have opted for this procedure and found their hair to be healthier and much easier to maintain. Keratin is a type of protein that is found in hair, giving it its natural shine and glossiness. With the use of heavy chemical products this protein is stripped off the hair. As such, the keratin hair treatment infuses this protein back into hair to make it glossy, healthy and manageable. If some of you are skeptical about this process, here are some reviews that will help you make a decision.

The Process
This hair straightening technique is a 3-4 hour process and is carried out in the following manner.
  1. The hair is washed with a non-sodium clarifying shampoo to clear off any build up or other such products such as conditioner and oil from the scalp.
  2. A hair dryer is used to dry the hair completely.
  3. The hair is now divided into small sections, on which the keratin solution is applied thoroughly. Each strand of hair is coated with this solution.
  4. Again, the hair is placed under a dryer for about fifteen minutes.
  5. Next, a hair straightening procedure is performed on each section of with a flat iron at 450 degrees F. This process ensures that the solution containing the keratin protein is trapped in the hair strands, to give it a glossy, sleek finish.
  6. The total time taken to complete the process ranges anywhere between 3-4 hours, depending on the length of your hair. The treatment will last for about 3 to 5 months after which it will have to be redone.
There are numerous after care tips you have to take care of when you get the Brazilian keratin treatment. Your hair cannot be exposed to moisture for 3-4 days (which means no washing or exercising), you are not allowed to wear any hair accessories such as rubber bands or clips, you are not allowed to wear sunglasses or glasses, and cannot place your hair behind your ears as it will cause kinks. You can wash your hair only with a non-sodium shampoo and conditioner to avoid frizziness.

Positive Reviews
So far most of the reviews of this treatment have been positive. Women claim to be hooked to this procedure, because of the natural look it provides to the hair.
  • The maintenance is much lesser as hair is more manageable.
  • After this treatment, the hair becomes resistant to heat and humidity.
  • The treatment is known to have a strong moisturizing effect on the hair, thereby repairing damaged hair and then retaining the effect. It is believed that this treatment works better on those who have had their hair straightened or colored in the past. In any case, it is a treatment that is suitable for any hair type.
  • The hair maintains its body and looks naturally straight after undergoing the Brazilian keratin hair treatment process.
  • Finally, unlike the Japanese hair straightening treatment where the hair looks damaged after the effect wears out, even after the straightening effect of the Brazilian keratin hair treatment wears out, the hair is much healthier because of the keratin solution that strengthens it. This treatment may be repeated when necessary.
Negative Reviews
Like every procedure that tries to imitate a natural process, the Keratin hair straightening treatment also has several negative reviews.
  • Some women claim that this treatment procedure seems slightly expensive as it may range anywhere between $300-$450.
  • The biggest negative aspect of this treatment is the fact that the hair cannot be touched for 3 days after the procedure. It has to hang loose, without being washed for this time which has been found very uncomfortable among women. As such, the development of dandruff has become one of the many keratin hair treatment side effects.
  • The effect of this treatment will wear out sooner if hair is washed more often.
  • Furthermore, the effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the efficiency of the hair stylist or the salon that provides such a treatment.
  • This is not all. It is believed that women will continue to be exposed to the numerous dangers if they continue undergoing it in the long run. This is because the keratin solution used contains formaldehyde, exposure to which can have certain side effects. If you happen to get this treatment often, you should be careful.
After looking at these eviews one can only say that promising beautiful hair seems to come at a very high price. It is ideal to go to a reputed and trustworthy hair salon to ensure that you get the best of all that this treatment has to offer. If you are still skeptical, you may speak with a few people you know who have got this treatment and see what they have to say about it. Just like any other process, undergoing the keratin hair straightening treatment may be all right once in a while. However, making it a habit may prove dangerous in the long run. The ultimate choice is of course, only yours.
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