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Learn How to Use Magnetic Hair Rollers for Salon-perfect Curls

How to Use Magnetic Hair Rollers
Magnetic rollers are a great way to get smooth and body curls. Also, it is one of the mildest way to curl your hair.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Curling is a great way to get some volume in dull straight hair. Straight hair which are fine, mostly lack volume and body. With some curls, you will give body, volume and bounce to your hair. There are many ways to curl your hair. You can use various household products to curl your hair. You can use rags to curl your hair or sit for long hours in a salon to get permed hair. There are many safe ways to curl your hair, while some methods involve use of harsh chemicals and repeated sessions of providing heat to the hair. If you have over processed hair or wish to protect your hair from harsh chemicals and treatments, then consider some mild ways to curl the hair. One of the ways to curl hair without damaging them is to use hair rollers.
There are various types of rollers available. There are sponge rollers, which allow you to sleep easily. There are Velcro rollers, which can be used on dry hair. There are brush rollers. Even rags and pins are used to create pin curls. One of the easiest and mild way to get curls is using magnetic hair rollers. Magnetic rollers are mild on hair and are easy to use too. They are not really magnetic but are called so, because hair tends to stick to these rollers. Magnetic rollers are plastic rollers which have air vents in them. The difference between other rollers and magnetic rollers is that magnetic rollers give smoother curls.
How to Use Magnetic Hair Rollers to Get Smooth Curls?
You can buy a set of magnetic rollers for just 2 dollars. You can buy the normal magnetic rollers or the snap-on variety. In one set, you will get 12 rollers. They are available in ½, 1, 2, 2 ½ and 3 inches.
So, you can choose a size of roller according to the thickness of coil in the curl you water.
  • So, first shampoo your hair or simply make them completely wet by rinsing them with cool water or with a spray bottle.
  • Then section your hair. Make as many sections for as many curls you desire. Hold the sections in place using clips. Now, take one hair section and apply a curling solution to it like a curling serum, mousse or lotion. Always start from the hair sections near the nape of the neck, then proceed to the crown area, then the sides and finally the front.
  • Attach paper ends to the hair section end. Now, start rolling the hair from the end to the scalp. Roll slowly and take all the hair of the section. Finally, set it on the scalp and secure it in place with a double pronged clip. If you have the snap of variety of magnetic rollers, then no need to use any clips.
  • This way, roll all the hair. When rolling hair, roll the hair sections in such a way that the curls will give a natural fall. Once you are done rolling the hair, let them air dry the whole night, or sit under a hooded dryer. You can also use a blow dryer if you want.
  • Once the hair have dried, allow them to cool for 15-20 minutes. Then take out the rollers one-by-one to reveal beautiful gorgeous locks!
Using magnetic rollers is quite easy and the results are great. The curls with this curling method will stay for a week. To style the curly hair, simply comb them using your finger and tie them in an updo or loose ponytail.
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