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Learn How to Do Peekaboo Highlights Yourself for a Rock Star Look

How to Do Peekaboo Highlights Yourself
If you are looking for dramatic but mysterious highlights, then peekaboo highlights are perfect for you. You don't even have to spend a fortune on getting it done by a professional stylist. This HairGlamourista write-up guides you to get those gorgeous peekaboo highlights at home.
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Last Updated: Feb 1, 2018
If you have dry or damaged hair, and need a coloring style with minimum harmful effects, then go for peekaboo highlights. Since a very small part of your hair is colored, the damage is less. Also, you don't have to get touch-ups from time to time. But remember to condition your hair regularly and avoid hot styling tools.

Want to give your hair a makeover? Then why not try the peekaboo highlights! They are cheaper, look stylish, and you can go subtle or daring according to your comfort level. As the name suggests these highlights are not very prominent or obvious at first, but as you move they create a dramatic effect. The lower layers of hair are highlighted in peekaboo highlights. Since the top layers are not colored, the color is not instantly visible. Sometimes it also gives a tie-dye effect.

If you are in a particularly adventurous mood, go in for hot pink, shocking blue, or volatile violet. Just color a chunk of hair with these jazzy colors, for a very cool rock star look!

Things You will Need
  • Bleach
  • Hair color
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Hair brush
  • Tail comb
  • Hair clips


STEP 1: Decide the color
The most basic question you'll be asking yourself, is what colored highlights you want.
Dark Hair
If you want to add dimensions to your hair, without any dramatic effects, choose 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color. You can also go in for warm browns, copper tones, or dark blondes. The lighter the color, more the effect.
If you want a bold color change, then you can opt for reds, pinks, blues, or purples! Since you will have to anyway bleach your hair if it's darker than the shade you want, you can experiment with the colors you like. And who says you have to stick to a single color; you can have multicolored peekaboo highlights too.
Light Hair
With light hair, the biggest advantage is that you don't have to use bleach. You can use any shade which is darker than your natural hair color. Choose a shade depending on the kind of effect you want. Black streaks look amazing on blonde hair.

STEP 2: Decide where to highlight
Once you have decided the right color for you. It's time to decide the parts of hair that you want to highlight. Peekaboo highlights are all about subtle coloring. Don't choose more than one-third of your hair. You can choose around 10 streaks from the inner layer. You can even color the inner layers of your bangs! Decide where you want to color and pin up the rest of your hair. You can also use a plastic cap. Make sections of around half an inch for coloring.

STEP 3: Bleach your hair
For added protection, apply petroleum jelly to the hair that you don't want to color. Then mix the bleach and apply to the sections of hair you want to color. Use aluminum foil to cover the hair. Follow the instructions on the packet.

STEP 4: It's time to color!
Yes, finally! It's time to apply the hair color to your hair. Apply the chosen color or colors, and wait for it to develop. The duration will depend on the color and your hair texture; follow the instructions on the packet.

Wash off the color, and flaunt your new stylish look!


◆ Remember to choose random sections of hair when coloring. But make sure that they are evenly placed or in a pattern. You don't want an oddly-placed huge chunk of colored hair.

◆ The right color will make the most impact, so take extra time when choosing one.

◆ Highlighting the back sections may be a little tough, so ask a friend or family member for help.

An added advantage of peekaboo highlights is that your hair roots aren't visible so you don't have to worry about touching them up from time to time.
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