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Learn How to Do Lowlights at Home Itself in 7 Really Easy Steps

How to do Lowlights at Home
Applying lowlights in our hair is nowadays just as popular as installing highlights. Read on to know how to perform this popular procedure without an expensive trip to the parlor...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
Are you bored with the way your hair looks? Do you want to change their appearance a wee bit, but not overtly as highlights do? If so, your perfect solution may be lowlights. Unlike highlights, which give a very dramatic look, lowlights enhance the natural beauty of the hair.
Steps to Apply Hair Lowlights
Step 1
Shampoo your hair two days before you plan to apply lowlights. The chemicals in some hair colors are so strong that if you apply them directly on clean, washed hair, there is a possibility that the hair might get damaged. To avoid that, shampoo two days before doing highlights and lowlights.
Step 2
Choose the hair dye very carefully. Ideally, for a more natural look, your hair color should not be more than one or two shades darker or lighter than the enhancement. However, if you are on experimentation mode, and want to do something dramatic, you can choose shades three or even four shades different than your natural hair color.
Step 3
To avoid the dye from staining your skin, apply Vaseline all around your hairline. Also, it is advisable to change into old clothes, because some staining will inevitably occur.
Step 4
Start by clipping the hair on top of your head. This will leave only a small number of hair at the back, which have to be further divided with an acrylic comb into small sections, before the application of the dye.
Step 5
Prepare the color mixture according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once the mixture is ready, start applying it on the hair with the help of the applicator. The applicator should be placed around one-fourth of an inch away from the scalp.
Step 6
Take a section of hair not wider than half an inch, on which you want to apply lowlights. Apply the hair color with the applicator on this section in the same manner as mentioned above, while keeping the rest of the hair clipped. Similarly, take small sections and apply the lowlights. If you desire a natural look, it should be applied slightly away from each other and never near the parting of your hair.
Step 7
Let the color remain on the hair for as long as indicated in the instructions. After the stipulated time, rinse the hair with water till the excess color is removed. Most color kits come with their own haircare products such as shampoos and conditioners, so make sure you apply these on your hair in the end.
One word of caution, though: always do an allergy test before doing this on your own!

So, if you want to add depth to your hair and make them look trendy at the same time, go with lowlighting!