Do You Know the Right Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair?

Hairstyles for women with round face and thin hair
For women with a round-shaped face and thin hair, the perfect hairstyles are the ones that don't exaggerate the roundness of the face. This write-up will provide you with hairstyling options that will work wonders for you along with the ones that should be avoided.
What do Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kirsten Dunst have in common besides being Hollywood celebrities? Well, they all have a round-shaped face. So, if you have a similar face shape, and often feel that you have limited hairstyling options, it's time to think again. Well, finding the perfect hairstyle is not really a Herculean task. All you need to do is find a hairdo that highlights your best features and hides the unflattering ones.

There's no dearth of flattering hairstyles for women with round faces, you just need to sport a hairstyle that reduces the roundness. Under no circumstances should you don a hairdo that accentuates your round face shape.

Haircuts for Women with Round Face and Thin Hair

If you are looking for hairstyles for women with round faces and thin hair, make sure that you look for haircuts that create the illusion of a longer face. Take a look at some hairstyles that will surely work wonders for you.
Short Bob

Smart girl sporting stylish short bob
Short bob

Looking for sassy hairdos for round faces and thin hair? Ever thought of styling your tresses in a stylish graduated bob? One of the best short haircut for round faces and thin hair is the bob haircut. Bob hairstyles are versatile, stylish and elegant. In a bob haircut, the hair is cut till the jaw line, with face-framing bangs. Over the years, stylists have come up with several variations by changing the length, adding layers or incorporating different styles of bangs. A-line bob, angled bob, layered bob, asymmetrical bob and stacked bob are some of the popular styles. With time, long bobs have become extremely popular, but those of you who wish to don a short hairdo can get a chin-grazing short bob haircut.
Long Inverted Bob

Stylish bob
Inverted bob

A long inverted bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for women who have a round face shape. Well, unlike the classic bob hairstyle, the hair in this sexy graduated bob haircut is kept shorter at the back than the front and the sides. With the height that is created at the crown area and the longer hair framing the face, the roundness of the face is definitely reduced. A bob that is shorter than the chin length cut will exaggerate this face shape, so make sure that the hair in the front fall below the chin. You can also have your hair styled in an inverted bob with bangs. You can either have side swept bangs or bangs that are cut across the forehead.
Wavy Hairstyles

Pretty girl with bangs and wavy hair
Young girl with nice curly hair

Long hairstyles can also help in adding length to your round face. You can have your tresses styled into gentle waves or soft curls. Even a curly version of a long bob hairstyle may look great. Straight long tresses with graduated layers from chin and downwards will look great. Face-framing side swept bangs or a side fringe will also look great on women who have a round face. You can also use creative hair coloring ideas. A wavy haircut can also soften the facial features. Long graduated layers work well for those who have round faces. Layering can also be done to increase height at the crown. Long side swept bangs on the sides will also minimize the rounded look. Make it a point to avoid a center parting.
Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Layered hairstyle
Pretty girl with a wavy hairstyle

Both medium and long hairstyles with bangs can look good on women with a round face shape, provided the hairstyle can create an impression of a longer face. While fringes or bangs can spice up one's look, there are certain types of bangs that will not work well for a round face. For instance, a short blunt fringe will not suit women who have a round face. So, if you are really keen on having bangs incorporated in your hairdo, it would be best to don wispy partial bangs or long side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs can surely create an illusion of a long face. Hairstyles with bangs that have tapered ends can also minimize the roundness. Choppy bangs, graduated bangs or asymmetrical bangs will also make your face appear longer. An uneven cut wherein hair is cut at varying lengths, with side-swept bangs is another hairstyle that will surely add length and make your face look longer.

While knowing the right hairstyles is very essential, it's equally important to have some idea about the hairstyles that are to be avoided. For instance, you must avoid a chin-length rounded cut. If you wish to have your hair styled in a bob, it would be best to go for a long bob. A center parting can accentuate the roundness of your face and must therefore be avoided. Slick back styles must also be avoided.