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Hairstyles That are Simply Perfect for Round Faces

Hairstyles for Round Faces
Hairstyles for round faces reduce the fullness of the face that adds balance and beauty to round faces. Choosing the right hairstyle is just as important as the look itself, as a hairstyle that wrongly accentuates facial features may make one lose badly on the style quotient.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
It is said that first impression is the last impression. Besides what you wear and how you conduct yourself, your hairstyle goes a long way in leaving that perfect first impression. There are a wide variety of haircut styles and ideas for today's women. However, in our bid to look trendy, we often forget the fact that the most popular hairstyles may not give us the same look as the models wearing them. This is for the simple reason that one must go for a hairstyle that best suits the shape of the face.

According to the shape, a person can have an oval, long, heart-shaped or round face. If your face is round, go for hairstyles that tend to reduce the fullness of the face.
If you have a round face, the haircut should help conceal the roundness of your face. Long hair can help lengthen the face but this does not mean that those with round faces cannot have short haircuts. A shoulder-length haircut usually helps enhance the beauty of the round face. Layered bangs add length to the face, and with such bangs, the face looks smaller. Women over age 50 can look younger if they go for an appropriate haircut. In case you have a round face, curls should be kept away from the cheeks. You just need to find out the shape of your face first, if you are expecting a complete makeover through a great haircut.
Is My Face Round?
From drawing the outline of one's face in the mirror to outlining the face in a photograph, women use a number of different ways to determine the shape of their face. The length and width of the face could also be measured for the same purpose. For a round face, the length and width are almost of the same dimensions. The most common features that qualify a face as being round are absence of strong cheekbones, fullness of the cheeks, a rounded chin and a neck that may not be short but seems to be so. However, no face shape is perfect and a person with a round face may have a pronounced chin. However, when a round face is measured, its length is almost similar to its width. For determining the dimensions, the following measurements are taken:
  • Measure the width of the face across the highest points over the cheekbones with the measuring tape passing in a straight line over the bridge of the nose.
  • Measure the jaw line across the widest points with the measuring tape running across the entire length of the jaw line.
  • Measure the forehead now across the widest points. For this, place the measuring tape on one side of the forehead, midway between the hairline and the eyebrows. Take it across the forehead to a similar point on the other side of the forehead.
  • Measure the length of the face by running the tape along the base of the hairline at its midpoint, over the nose to the tip of the chin.
Style It, Flaunt It!!!
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Usually it is the long face that attracts a second look from the onlookers. Hence, women with round faces should try hairstyles that would play down the roundness of their face and make it look slimmer.
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Although short hair is not advised by many hair stylists for round faces, the fact still remains that short hair is easy to manage. Also by keeping certain points in mind, certain short haircuts could also look good on round faces. The key to impressive short haircuts is to add volume at the top of the head through layering or heightened bangs.

A haircut is crucial for those who want to wear short hairstyles. The best hair length for women with a round face shape is one that ends well above the chin or a few inches below the chin and above the shoulders. Hair up to the level of the chin is a strict no no.

For very short hair, the pixie cut is a great option. This haircut reduces the volume of the face by adding short wispy layers to the hair. Shag cuts with wispy ends between the chin and the shoulder would also achieve the same result. An off centered partition of the hair further helps to reduce the roundness of the face.
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The most highly recommended round face hairstyles can be worn in long hair as it makes the face look longer and slimmer. Long hairstyle is particularly advised if you have a center parting that draws attention along the length of the face. Cutting hair in layers that would let it fall in long lines along the sides of the face works well for many.

The main aim of the hairstylist should be to keep the longer locks sleek and slender until they pass below the chin. Adding wispy tapered ends would help soften the roundness of the face. An offset side fringe also acts to give the face and the neck a slender look.
Styles to Avoid
  • Stay away from heavy, blunt bangs that add volume to the face. Instead get long, wispy layered bangs with a side parting.
  • Do not fall for the flattering curls next to the cheeks. They just add fullness to the face.
  • Blunt ends close to the cheeks make the cheekbones look wider.
  • Bob cut is just NOT the hairstyle for round faces as it emphasizes the cheeks.
Face shape is an important, although not the only criteria, in determining one's hairstyle. There are a number of celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz who, despite having round face structures, experiment with a lot of different styles. Round face hairstyles also depend on the texture and length of the hair. However 'in' your hairstyle may be, without proper hair care your hair will look lifeless. Use proper hair care products for your hair and then wear your hairstyle with lot of elan.
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