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Hairstyles for Eyeglass Wearers That Look Sizzling and Happening

Hairstyles for Eyeglass Wearers
Many eyeglass wearers can change the way they look with the correct hairstyle that suits their eyeglass frames. The following article will help you learn some exciting hairdos that suit your eyeglass frame.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Many young dread the day they need to wear eyeglasses to correct their vision. Kids feel it is the end of their cool life, as they will be put into the category of serious kids. Eyeglasses means aging to many and for some it is just added weight on their noses. Many times, you get a very happening haircut in the salon and find out that eyeglasses spoil your entire look. These eyeglass wearers hairstyle tips will help you enhance your looks and make wearing spectacles a cool thing.
Hairstyle and Eyeglass
Eyeglasses are no longer a medical apparatus, but a fashion accessory. You have a wide choice for choosing designer frames, colors, designs, etc that match your mood and your style. One tends to choose eyeglasses frames according to his or her facial shape and look for frames that enhance their features. It is a very difficult task for eyeglass wearers, to choose a hairstyle, as you need to balance the facial features and the eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are an added feature to your face and many times, it can cause dramatic changes to the looks of an individual. Let us look at some hairdo for eyeglass wearers, which can make you look hot and happening.

The first thing to do is wear your eyeglasses to the salon, so that the hairstylist will be able to suggest some haircuts, styles and ideas, according to the frames. Eyeglass wearers should opt for hairstyles that keep hair away from their face. If you are an eyeglass wearer with longhair, you can choose hairstyles that pull your hair up and to the sides and away from the frames. Women with long hair should choose eyeglass frames that are simple and do not look prominent on the face. Women with shorter hair should choose bold eyeglass frames, as hair is not the prominent feature of the face. Short hairstyles are best suited for showing off your eyeglass frames. Bangs should be cut to a length that will stay above the frames. If you are wearing a light frame, fringes will suit your face. Never attempt to wear fringes on dark, heavy framed glasses.
Hairstyles According to Frames for Eyeglass Wearers
If you wear a wide frame eyeglass, it probably means you have a wide face, heart-shaped face, inverted triangle or a diamond face shape. Therefore, avoid hairstyles that add volume on the sides and make your face look even more wide. This will make your face wider when combined with a wide frame eyeglass. You should choose hairstyles with textured bangs with closely styled sides, little height on top and longer length,with a little volume at the ends. This will help your face look longer.

In case of large eyeglass frames, the lens can be round or square and can cover the entire eye area. This fame suits people with widely spaced eyes or those, whose eyes are among the prominent features of their face. The hairstyles for large eyeglass wearers include long, straight hairstyles that make the eyeglasses a prominent face feature. Long
layered hairstyles with extra volume suit large eyeglass frames, as they give a proper balance to the face.

Small framed eyeglasses are in style nowadays and they look very delicate. These eyeglass frames are perfect for women with petite body structure or narrow or small faces. Many people who have reading glasses also prefer wearing small frame glasses. For people wearing small frames, you can opt for short-cropped, wavy haircut for girls. A chin length bob cut also helps enhancing the features of eyeglasses. Women who are not petite and wear smaller frames should go in for long, blunt cuts, with or without volume. The volume depends on the width of your face.
Hairstyles According to Hair Color for Eyeglass Wearers
You can even match your eyeglasses according to your hair coloring ideas. If you are a blond, choose very light or transparent frames that are delicate. Black frames will make you look very attractive and smart. Redheads should choose dark tortoise-shell frames, which can make them look stunning. Avoid frames that are white or yellow in color. Eyeglass wearers with black or brown hair should opt for metallic or dark frames. Deep brown, burgundy or tortoiseshell frames also make you look gorgeous.
Eyeglass Frames that Match Existing Hairstyles
Those who have short-cropped wavy hairstyles should wear small frames. These women should avoid wearing hairstyles that tend to box-in the facial features. Long layered hairstyles with extra volume on the sides look good with large frames. Do not wear large frames with low volume long hairstyles, straight hair or extremely short hairstyles. Avoid wide frames with hairstyles that add a lot of volume on the sides. Instead try chunky bangs, short hairstyles, if you wish to wear wide frames.
Eyeglass Frames According to Face Shape
Those with a square face shape should opt for frames that are narrow. Round face shape people should go in for narrow frames that have angular edges. Those who have a diamond shape face with high cheekbones look good wearing narrow frames and those with narrow eyes should opt with broad frames as it helps makes their eyes look bigger. Wear frames that will add width to the face, if you have an oblong shape face. Those with an oval face are lucky, as most frames help enhance their overall look.
Many make the mistake of not considering their hairstyle when they choose their eyeglasses. One can ruin the way he or she looks, not because of wearing eyeglasses, but by wearing mismatched hairstyles and eyeglasses. When you are wearing a very elaborate hairstyle, choose a frame that is subtle and simple. In case of a simple ponytail, you can wear eyeglasses that take away the attention off the simple hairdo. You can always see pictures of hairstyles of celebrities who wear eyeglasses to get some idea. Wear hairstyles and eyeglasses complimentary to each other and you too can look sizzling and happening.
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