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We Tell You The Naked Truth About Hair Straightening Shampoos

Hair Straightening Shampoos
There are quite a few hair straightening shampoos out in the market, but the question here is, do they really work or do they really straighten hair? To find out the answers to these questions and for a review of some popular brands of the same, read on...
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Are you tired of your wavy, frizzy or curly unruly hair that just does have the style that you want? You have tried everything possible, even hair straighteners for curly hair, but everything is in vain. Just then you come across this hair straightening commercial that claims straightening hair without chemical straightening or use of hair straighteners. Since you have already experimented with a hell lot of other hair products, you decide to experiment with this one too. Who knows, this one might just work for you! Alright, so this a typical situation, that most of us might have experienced and so, we jump at anything that comes even a little close to what we look for. The fact is, not all hair products work the way they claim to.

There are many such products which claim that you can achieve stick straight hair by using them. The truth is, no shampoo or conditioner helps achieve pin straight hair. The ones that claim so, only 'tame' wavy, frizzy or curly hair so that they remain manageable and look good. The use of these products may help straighten out hair a bit overtime, but do not expect them to straighten hair magically, in the first use itself.

What They Contain
Most hair straightening shampoos contain similar ingredients, some may also contain additional ingredients. These ingredients include sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyquaternium 10, tetrasodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, ammonium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, panthenol, castor oil, propylene, glycol, quaternium 80, citric acid, diazolidinyl, urea, dimethiconol, triethanolamine, methylchloroisothiazolinone, etc. A few of the shampoos also contain natural extracts like hedera helix extract (ivy) and bambusa vulgaris, water enriched with silk and silicone, pro vitamin B5, wheat proteins, photozyme complex, etc.

How They Work
The ingredients that these shampoos and conditioners contain, like Quaternium 80, silicones and polymers, get deposited in the hair follicles. Once deposited, these shampoos weigh hair down and smoothen it, working against the hair's tendency to curl, wave or frizz. These shampoos also add a shine to the hair and make the hair manageable, all day long. The natural extracts provide protection, humidity resistance and radiance to the hair and also help in maintaining the look of the hair until the next wash.

Different Types
Hair straightening shampoos are of different types. These vary depending upon your hair type, hair texture and also the length of your hair at types. Certain shampoos are meant for Asian hair types and so may be less suitable for other types of hair. A shampoo for dry hair will vary from that for oily or normal hair. There are separate shampoos available for long hair, short hair and medium-length hair.

How To Use Them
Hair straightening shampoos need to be used the way all other shampoos are used. In addition, you would have to work the shampoo through your hair, from the scalp towards the tips, while running your fingers frequently through your hair. You can also use a wide-mouthed comb to spread the shampoo evenly through the hair. They work best when used along with hair straightening conditioners and will work even better if it is followed up with a leave-in conditioner or serum.

Hair Straightening Shampoo Reviews
As per reviews, the six best shampoos are listed below. Many of the mentioned below products like Bed Head work great on men's hair too.
  • Bed Head: Control Freak
  • Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight (Pin Straight)
  • Back to Basics Bamboo Straightening Shampoo
  • Marc Anthony Instant Straightening
  • Shampoo TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Shampoo
  • Sunsilk Straighten-Up Shampoo
If taming your hair with above shampoo for straightening hair is not satisfactory enough, then you could obtain straight hair with the use of the best hair straighteners, flat irons or chemical treatment. To use flat-iron, apply a hair straightening serum and then use the iron on various section to straighten hair temporary. If you wish to go for permanent straightening, make sure your hair is in a condition to handle the harsh chemical treatment.
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