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Hair Straighteners for African-American Hair

Hair Straighteners for African-American Hair
African-American hair is very coarse and difficult to style, however by using the right hair straighteners you can straighten coarse curly hair within minutes.
Pragya T
When it comes to styling African-American hair, there are some limited options. Either you can cut your hair short, or tie them into ponytails or braids. But, now straighteners have improved, and come with many great features that can transform your coarse curly hair into not just straight, but also straight hair which looks smooth and shiny. Many straighteners can be used on wet hair while some need to be used only on dry hair, also there is a third type of straighteners which can be used on wet as well as dry hair. So, it is important that you select the right product.
Ceramic Hair Straighteners
All the straighteners for African-American hair have one thing in common, they are of the top quality and come with the best features, that one can find in hair irons. One needs to look for hair straightening irons which have ceramic plates. As ceramic plates provide moist heat to the hair instead of giving it damaging heat. The moist heat provided by these straighteners and the far infrared, infuse each hair sealing the moisture and closing the hair cuticle. This way all the hair is covered, and you get much better and longer-lasting straight hair. So, you can carry your straight hair throughout the day. Here are some of the best ceramic straighteners out of which you can choose a product you like the most.
  • FHI Platform Ceramic Styling Iron 1" w/ Nano Technology (This iron is great for short, medium, or long hair and can be used to style your hair into curls, twists, flips, or straight.)
  • Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron (This iron works great for all hair types and textures, and locks the hair natural oils and moisture to maintain the straightening for long.)
  • Farouk CHI GF1539 (This CHI hair straightener flat iron is lightweight and durable. It has a quick heating 2 inch ceramic element, and has felt tips to prevent any burning damage.)
  • Original CHI Ceramic Hair Straightener (This hair straightener can be used to straighten hair, curl hair, or flip the hair outwards.)
Tourmaline Hair Straighteners
Another good choice is tourmaline flat iron. Tourmaline is a naturally occurring element, which is a source of negative ions. These ions are one of the best discoveries for straightening hair. When this iron is passed over the hair, the negative ions infuse each hair shaft, and seal moisture. It also helps to seal natural oils and the hair cuticle. The result is flat straight hair, which looks healthy and shiny. This is one of the biggest advantages of tourmaline straighteners over other types. Given below are the best tourmaline straighteners.
  • Karmin Envy Pink Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (This product is the best combination of ceramic plates and tourmaline technology. This is the best hair straightener for thick, coarse, and frizzy hair.)
  • Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Hair Straightener (This product distributes heat evenly and with ceramic/tourmaline ion technology help transform frizzy hair into straight shiny hair without any damage.)
  • Pure Heat 3 in 1 Hair Straightener (This 3 in 1 flat iron can be used for crimping, waving, or straightening.)
  • Turbo Power Forma Professional Wet/Dry Hair Straightener (As the name suggests, you can use this powerful heat-producing iron on wet or dry hair.)
These were the two best types of hair straighteners for Afro hair and the products which have these features. So, pick any of the above mentioned products to transform your frizzy, curly hair into straight, shiny hair!