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Hair Relaxer Reviews

Take a Look at These Hair Relaxer Reviews to Make the Right Choice

Selecting the right type of hair relaxer according to your hair type and texture is important. Here are the reviews, that will help you buy the right product which suits your hair.
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A hair relaxer is a product which helps in relaxing the curls, and thus makes them less curly. It is applied similar to a hair dye, and can come in cream, lotion or serum form. Hair relaxing can be performed in a salon by a professional cosmetologist, or you can buy the home hair relaxer kits and use it yourself for relaxing your hair.
Similar to hair dye, the treated part of the hair moves away from the scalp as the hair grows, and hence regular application of relaxer which can be after every 6-8 weeks is required.
How Does a Hair Relaxer Work?
When the hair relaxing product is applied to your hair, it alters the hair's texture which is opposite to perming of hair. The active ingredient present in the hair relaxer is a strong alkaline chemical, which penetrates the cortex or cortical layer of the hair and loosens the natural curl pattern. The inner layer of the hair shaft of the hair gives the curly shape and strength and elasticity.
Once you have applied it, the process is irreversible, and there are certain side effects like burning of scalp, dryness of hair and hair damage. Hence, it is important that people need to buy the right type of relaxer according to their hair type, and follow the directions mentioned on the product label exactly, to avoid any side effects.
Types of Hair Relaxers & The Best Products
Lye Based Products
Products which are referred to as lye relaxers, contain the chemical sodium hydroxide, which is one of the strongest type of principal chemical used and gives long-lasting and dramatic effects. The strength of the product varies according to pH from 10-14. The greater the pH, the faster the straightening will take hold, however there are chances of more damage to the hair. Avoid strong products like motions relaxers, as many reviews say that it is a very strong relaxer and has damaged the hair.
  • Affirm by Avon is a great product for relaxing hair. This product is best for stylists who prefer a slower application time hair relaxing treatment.
  • Optimum Relaxer is a strong holding product, which is great for curly frizzy hair.
Lye Free Products
Many women have switched using to no-lye hair relaxers, which also contain a chemical. But, the chemical used - guanidine hydroxide, is milder compared to sodium hydroxide, which means less potential damage to the hair. Special care should be taken while applying the no-lye relaxers.
  • Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Built-In Protection No Lye Relaxer System (Extra Strength) is a good product. Many reviews on this product say that it helps to straighten curly frizzy hair quickly.
  • Optimum Care Advanced Technology Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer System, is another product which conditions and restores hair bounce, and straightens hair fast with less damage. This is one of the best relaxers for black hair.
Natural Relaxers
There are many natural ingredients which can also help to relax your hair. If you don't wish to use strong harsh chemicals, then using natural hair relaxers is a safe way to make your curly hair more manageable.
  • Naturalaxer Kit-In-A-Jar is an organic natural product, which is free from chemicals. It helps to control frizz and noticeably relaxes hair.
  • You can also use products like olive oil, coconut cream, milk, mayonnaise or lemon to relax your hair. Simply, use these things the way you would use to condition hair and you will have more relaxed curls and well-moisturized hair.
Safety Tips
  • Lye or lye free products both are unsafe if not used properly. Also, long term use of them can turn your hair brittle and dry.
  • Hence, it is important that you avoid using them often. If possible stick to natural hairstyles, or use the above natural mentioned products at home to condition and relax your hair.
  • If you are going to use a hair relaxer for the first time, then it is better you get it done in a salon, rather than trying it at home.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to your scalp prior to using the relaxer.
  • Always perform the strand test, before trying a new hair product to see if it suits you.
So, read the labels on the product to check if it matches your hair type and texture. You can consult a professional cosmetologist to relax your hair, or use a home kit to relax your hair at home.
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