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Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Laser treatment is the most advanced method for treating hair loss. Read on to know more on this treatment option, if you are suffering from persistent hair loss.
HairGlamourista Staff
Hair loss is tardily becoming a common problem among a majority of people around the globe. People try to prevent it by following various treatment methods, be it natural remedies or technological cures. There are several solutions available, the most efficacious being the 'laser treatment'. This treatment is certainly expensive but due to its aftereffects, it is preferred by a majority of people. You need to carry out thorough research for getting information about the treatment's total cost and decide which method would be most appropriate. Don't choose a treatment without actually understanding the implications.
Laser treatment is not a new phenomenon when it comes to hair loss remedies, as, such procedures have been already performed in the 1970s. However, back then they were not introduced for commercial use. A laser treatment is an efficient non-surgical method for dealing with hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness. Moreover, it is also used for treating other scalp-related complications such as dermatitis. For getting the desired results, you would need to undergo the treatment sessions many times a month. The treatment contributes to an increase in the blood flow to the scalp, which in turn, enables the hair follicles to absorb more nutrients and grow healthier hair than before.
Laser Treatment Systems
Nowadays, there are many laser treatment systems available, which have been proven to stimulate growth in approximately 70% of scalp hair. During the treatment, the patient is made to sit in a dome-shaped setup, which consists of flashing low-energy laser beams along the interior. The interior is just positioned two centimeters away from the scalp. When the light is focused on the scalp, it absorbs energy. This causes the adequate amount of blood to flow to the scalp, and also, stimulates the deeper tissues. Generally, this treatment is accompanied by other remedies to achieve the best outcome.
Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
There is another treatment method known as the Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which also shows quick results. It not only contributes to new hair growth, but also meliorates the health and condition of existing hair. It is even known to have skin repairing capabilities, which is why it is used in scalp healing after a hair transplant operation.
A new technology that has been introduced, the hand-held 'laser comb' is a portable comb that is incorporated with a technology that aids in the hair loss treatment. It is generally used in addition to regular laser treatment. When you brush it through the hair or over the scalp, it administers additional photo-therapy to the scalp. This device enhances the main treatment's results. Experts suggest its use to increase the healing rate after hair transplant surgeries. There are varieties of these combs available in the market, but it is recommended to consult a physician before you purchase one.
Laser treatment options are certainly very effective, and as a result, have received several positive reviews from people all around the world. However, the treatment methods may largely depend on the severity of the problem. Hence, you will need to consult a reputed specialist for determining the exact treatment, which will promote hair growth. Moreover, you also need to spare a thought to the cost of the overall treatment, which depends mostly on the various methods used.