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Hair Falling Out in Clumps

Is Your Hair Falling Out in Clumps? Here are its Causes

Hair loss can be due to various reasons. However, hair falling out in clumps should never be ignored. You hair speaks volumes about you.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Hair gives your face a shape and an elegance. It makes you look suave, gentle, young, slender, sporty, smart or chic. Your look is defined by the way you wear your hair. This is the reason why we fuss over those fibers so much. Hair fall is embarrassing and distressing. Increased hair loss from the scalp is a very common problem among young men and women owing to drastic and often unhealthy lifestyle changes.
Fortunately, hair falling out in large clumps is a reversible change. Other than lifestyle there are various other changes happening in our body, which manifest themselves in the form of hair loss. Let's see what are the various reasons for this...
In Shower
Losing hair in shower is the most common type of hair fall. Your hair becomes vulnerable when they are wet. Often women notice hair falling out in clumps after conditioning. The hair fall in shower is more because, you shake the lose ends on your scalp that are about to fall. Hence when you wash them your hand gets stuck in clumps of hair.
After Giving Birth
Hair loss after pregnancy is a very common type of hair loss. Hair has its own growing and shedding cycle. Hair goes into resting during pregnancy. However, this period ends within 3-4 months after delivery. Losing hair after giving birth is related to drastic hormonal changes in the body. Some women may suffer from normal hair loss and some may suffer from abnormal falling out of hair. In any case, do mention this problem to your doctor.
Due to Stress
Busy lives and work pressures add a lot of stress to our bodies. Stress is directly related to many hormonal changes in our bodies. Stress related disorders such as depression and anxiety can cause hair fall. Stress leads to major hormonal imbalances. This is one of the main causes of abnormal hair loss. The medications for such disorders may again lead to loss of hair. Making a few lifestyle changes like regular exercising, meditation, cutting down on unhealthy eating habits and time management can provide adequate stress relief.
Due to Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy helps kill cancerous cells that divide rapidly. While doing this, the drugs also damage other healthy cells that divide rapidly, for example, bone marrow cells, cells in the digestive tract and hair follicles. The cells in the hair follicle get affected, while they are in the growing phase. As the metabolism of hair follicle gets affected due to chemotherapy, the person experiences severe hair loss.
Vitamin and / or mineral deficiencies can cause hair loss. Lack of minerals like, zinc and iron lead to weak and dry hair. Other nutrients like vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B12 and proteins are also essential to cope up with the loss. Lack of essential nutrients leads to improper functioning of the bodily systems, which often results in hair loss.
Other Reasons
  • Usage of faulty hair care products
  • Menopause
  • Birth control pills
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Hereditary
  • Blow Dryers
  • Thyroid
  • Intake of illegal drugs
  • Excessive styling (making hair curly or straight)

Mostly it is hormonal imbalances that lead to hair fall, thinning of hair, and bald patches. However, hair loss can be treated for good. You can prevent it by opting for proper treatment promptly. The condition of your hair is the result of how your health is. It is the reflection of your inner being. The more disturbed you are on the inside the greater the hair loss is going to be. Hence take good care of yourself, because you are worth it!
Disclaimer: This HairGlamourista article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.