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Things You Should Know Before Choosing Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair
Who said that hair extensions are not made for short hair? Ladies, do not get disheartened. Here are some ideas on hair extensions for short hair.
Aishwarya Nirmal
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
I am sure you have wondered many times about the sudden hair transition of your favorite Hollywood actresses. One day you see them flaunting a wild bob cut and the next day they have donned beautiful long hair. The actual secret behind those long locks is nothing other than hair extensions. If your hair is short, then choosing the right hair extensions for short hair is extremely necessary.
Criteria for Selecting Hair Extensions for Short Hair
Extensions for Short Hair
Hair extensions
The greatest challenge about using hair extensions for short hair is, that the basic scalp hair should be thick enough to conceal the hair extension attachments, specially in case of clip-on hair extensions. Along with being short, if your hair is scarce too, applying hair extensions to such thinning and short hair further compounds the complications.
Extensions for Short Hair Pixie Haircut
If you have an absolute short haircut style, like a pixie haircut, applying hair extensions to such hair may be difficult. So, you should preferably consult with a hair professional before choosing the hair extensions.
Extensions for a Short Haircut
Also, while buying hair extensions for short hair, you should be careful that the color of the hair extensions should perfectly match the color of your natural hair. A minute difference in the shade can reveal that you are indeed using fake hair; and this may be more prominent if you are sporting a very short haircut.
Also, while selecting hair extensions, you should be particularly careful that the length of the hair extension should be suitable for your natural hair. Very long hair extensions can cause strain on your natural hair causing the whole setup to look messy and fake. Therefore, going for short hair extensions will be a better option.
Clip-in or Weaving Hair Extensions
There are varied types of ways to apply hair extensions. Out of them, depending on your current hair style, you may opt for any one of the hair extension methods. If you have a bob haircut at present, you may want to try out clip-in or weaving hair extensions.
Glue-in extensions
Glue-in types are well suited for both short as well as very short hair styles. The glue-in method may sometimes reveal the weft portion if the gluing is not done well, so should be avoided for VERY short hair.
Fusion Hair Extensions
So that leaves the fusion hair extensions as the best choice for very short hair. Since, this method uses a heating application for fusing the hair extension with the natural hair, there is no problem of any kind of attachment popping out or being seen. The only drawback of this method is, that it is the costliest of all hair extension methods.
Highlights or Lowlights Hair
Usually, hair extensions are used to increase the length or the volume of your natural hair, especially in case of hair loss. Sometimes hair extensions are also used to add highlights or lowlights to your natural hair. However, those who are tired of their slow hair growth can make the most of hair extensions, since applying long hair extensions can change their look completely.
Some expert hair stylists are capable of applying hair extensions to a more one inch long natural hair while some stylists may require your scalp hair to be a little longer. It is advised that whenever you want to apply hair extensions, you get it done from a professional to get the best results. Thanks to the 'phenomenon' of hair extensions, it has become considerably easy to deal with any kind of hair alterations easily.
Hair extensions are a blessing for those who get bored with keeping one hairstyle for long, however, keep in mind the fact that you must not wear the extension for a long time. Hair extensions pull on your hair roots and can also damage the body of your hair. Make hair care your first priority if you wish to apply extensions. Like makeup, extensions are artificial additions and should be carefully applied.
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