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Hair Extensions Cost

Hair Extensions Cost
The following article is a brief on hair extensions cost. These extensions come in handy when you are in situations like wanting short hair for a basketball game today and long hair for a date tomorrow.
Avanika Mote
Girls with short hair face a problem - they love long hair and they wish they had long tresses too, but by the time their hair grows long, it is out of fashion! If you are one of them, you might have surely heard of hair extensions. Are you resisting to try it out because you think they may cause hair-damage? May be you are one of them who think that they are for the ones with a heavy pocket. Well, to clear your doubts, read the following article, which focuses on hair extensions cost.
Hair Extensions Types
How many of you look in the mirror and wish you had a more voluminous hair? You try out volume hair sprays and mousse but by the evening your hair is back to limp! How many of you wish you had longer hair, so that experimenting with new hair up-dos becomes possible? If none of these, you might be amongst those who wish they had curls instead of strands and the flip-side for those with curls. Chemical treatments like re-bonding and perming may not be the 'thing' for you. If you fall in any of these categories, hair extensions are your potential best friends.
Go Natural
In this type, only human hair is used for bonding into small sections of your original hair. They look most natural of all and are available in Asian, Indian, European, and Russian hair. If you are looking to add length to your hair that looks natural, this is the right choice.
Try Synthetic
These are low maintenance and are available in curly, wavy, and straight varieties. They are also available in a wide variety of shades and tones. The colored hair pieces are attached to small sections of individual extension base, which is then sealed by heat. If you want to add some volume to your hair, make them look from straight to curly (vice versa) or add a bright hue to your hair color, this will do it for you.
Experiment with Clip-in
These are the simplest and least time-consuming. They come in different colors and varieties and can be just clipped onto your original hair, starting from the nape of your neck. A professional hair expert is not required to put on clip-in hair extensions. As these are the quickest to apply and take-off, they can be used extensively as and when required. They involve no chemical contact with your hair. If you are the one with packed schedule and no time for regular salon visits, these will work the best for you. They cost less than all the others, and since you don't require a hair expert, overall they turn out to be a cheaper deal.
There are many other types depending upon the type and length of hair. Cylinders, weaves, braiding, fusion, bonding, and sealing extensions are some of them.
Length of Hair Extensions
Choosing the right length of a hair extension is the catch. You should first decide what kind of look do you want to see yourself in - wavy, straight, or curly. The length of an hair extension should be appropriately proportionate to your height, which means, for women with an average height, a hair extension of 30 inches would appear too long and it would add heaviness to your scalp. This would definitely damage your original hair. Usually, the length of the extensions range from 10 inches to 32 inches.
The Cost Factor
What matters is the length of the extension. Typically, a partial head extension will cost you around US USD 150 to US USD 300 excluding the cost of hair. Total cost will range from US USD 400 to US USD 800. The cost for hair extensions for the full head will range from US USD300 to US USD600 excluding the cost of hair. If you add the cost of hair, it will range from US USD 1300 to US USD 1600. This cost is for the one that only adds volume and fullness.
A hair extension for that adds length and volume as well for full head will cost you from US USD 1600 to US USD 4000, including the cost of hair depending upon its length and quality. A high quality human hair will cost you around US USD 250 to US USD 500 for partial head and US USD 1000 to US USD 2500. Great length hair extensions are costlier than the normal length. The European, Russian, and American hair extensions will complement you if you have a light skin tone. The cost should usually include a haircut, a keratin application and matching hair color.
  • 10 inch USD8 per extension strand (approximately shoulder length)
  • 12 inch USD9.5 per extension strand (approximately just below shoulder length)
  • 14 inch USD10 per extension strand (approximately just above the bra strap)
  • 16 inch USD11 per extension strand (approximately bra strap)
  • 18 inch USD11.7 per extension strand (approximately 2 inches below bra strap)
  • 20 inch USD12.5 per extension strand (approximately waist length)
  • 24 inch USD15.5 per extension strand (approximately 4 inches below waist length)
  • A 30 inch extension will cost more than US USD 20.
The above mentioned are professional cost and they might differ from brand to brand. The costs also depend on the quality and variety of hair. So, with this info made so handy, it wouldn't be a harm to try one of these! The next time you wonder how celebrities like Jennifer Aniston appear in a short hairstyle in a party and with long wavy tresses in an award function right on the following day, you wouldn't be surprised. Would you?