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Hair Damage Repair

Hair Damage Repair

Undo all the damage done to your hair with the best hair damage repair products and methods discussed in the following write-up. 'Hair' is all you need to know about hair damage restoration.
Veethi Telang
Life was good when I was in my teens. The only pins and needles life had was how to pass my exams. There was not much to worry about. Not much to devote time to. And certainly, not much to care about. Nevertheless, like all things come to an end, so did teenage. Stress surfaced, depression hovered, skin disorders took over, and healthy hair was soon a thing of the past. It may not come as a surprise to me if your chronicles are similar to mine. I cannot believe there exists a female in this world who doesn't complain of hair loss and damage. The harsh sun, pollution, and dust are no less than a demon to having stolen that luster, sheen, and strength of hair. Most women wail in helplessness, while the others? The others do everything they can to seek proper repair methods. But what is it that makes up for an all-inclusive approach to damaged hair repair? The following cluster of words attempt to answer.

Hair Damage Repair: At Home

Nothing like believing with all your heart in home remedies for damaged hair, as they come straightaway from your granny's kitty! It's not my place to wonder what is it that damaged your hair. All I know is, when causes are large in number, solutions are large in number too. Effective hair care with those items present in your kitchen, is all you need to fix damaged hair naturally, at home. Let's kick start with the following home remedies:
  • One of the most effective solutions to hair damage is to apply mayonnaise overnight. Your hair should be covered throughout, and should be washed in the morning. Regular application would help in getting rid of dry scalp, and split ends.
  • For hair breakage repair, take honey and eggs in equal amounts, and apply it, leaving for fifteen minutes. Wash it off, and you'll see the result in just a couple of applications.
  • Another home remedy using egg whites is worth going for. All you need to do is crack open an egg, leaving the yolk in a bowl, and whipping the egg whites. Mix it all with some water, and blend until smooth. Apply the mixture, and massage your scalp. Wash it, and the results would astonish you.
  • A hair mask for dry damaged hair is that of olive oil, honey, and one ripe avocado, mix them until it becomes a creamy mixture. Leave it applied for half an hour, and wash with a mild shampoo. Hair masks are known to contain effective vitamins for improving the quality of hair.
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week. Some essential oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and of course, olive oil, are the most effective troubleshooters for damaged hair. Not only do they help in repairing dry, damaged hair, but also augment healthy hair growth.
Professional Treatments

There are times when you've tried almost everything, but neither do those damaged hair follicles get enhanced, nor does that luster come back. Result? Even more damaged hair, with no possible chance of recuperation. That's when you need to take professional advice, and go for hair care products. Many women artificially straighten their hair, go for hair coloring, and various other transformations. In other words, they chemically damage their hair! However, many hair care products available in the market give away a fantastic solution to damaged hair. Not only products, but various treatments can help you get back your old, beautiful, lustrous hair. Some of the hair treatments for damaged hair are described below.
  • Go to a hair dresser, and get those damaged split ends cut. The most basic professional treatment is nothing but to remove those hair strands that are tired of growing any further. The best haircut would be getting a cool pixie bob, or cute short haircut that suit your personality.
  • Get a hair spa treatment if at all your hair damage is a result of excessive dandruff. Hair spa gives an all new vigor to your hair, bringing back the shine, and contributing to reducing scalp problems like no other.
  • After shampooing and deep conditioning, do not forget to apply a hair serum. Hair serum enhances the look of your hair, and will disentangle those hair strands due to split ends and dryness. Just remember, hair serum should never be applied to the scalp, but only to the hair. Do not forget to wash away the serum before hitting the bed in the night.
  • Choose a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Most hair damage is caused using wrong hair products for your hair. Now is the time to clear those useless products off the shelf, and pick up the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. This will keep your hair healthy, with a good fragrance all throughout.
  • A number of hair vitamins are required to be consumed if you're suffering from an eternity of bad hair days. Products such as Hair Formula 37, Viviscal, Nanogen Nanocaps, etc. are excellent picks for hair vitamins. Go through hair vitamins reviews and settle on which one to buy.
Hair damage repair is incomplete without a perfectly balanced-diet. Healthy eating paves the way for hair to grow healthy, and stay healthy. What all has been stated above is not a miracle, but a persistent process. Endurance is a must, and regularity is a requisite. It is only then that hair would shine with all its strength, and live a long, long life.