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Fab Hair Colors That Will Make You Look Younger and Brighter

Hair Colors that Make You Look Younger
Are dull, lifeless grays and pale hairstyles adding to your age? Well, it's time you changed your look by adding color to your hair. Check some of these fab hair colors that make you look younger. Read on...
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
What is it that women regret the most and cannot get over with? It is the whole process of aging and it's not so pleasant - visible side effects. Aging definitely makes more women worry, and this is directly proportional to the number of years adding to the age. With aging, fine lines, wrinkles, pale skin losing pigmentation, blemishes, etc., are major concerns. To a certain extent these can be controlled and tackled well. But there is one more attribute that makes a big difference to your complete look and most importantly, defines a frame for your age. Surprised? Confused? Well, it is the hair that we are hinting at. Sporting a gorgeous hairstyle that suits you can actually get you looking younger. Not to mention the hair color here plays an important part.
Flaunting sexy curls, long tresses, bright and bold colors, funky highlights is easy when you are in your twenties. But after a certain age, due to the many changes in the appearance it is not really easy to carry these off easily. Plus the texture and color of the hair may change, making it tough to style and color. For all the women out there, let me tell you that looking young has two principles, number one - feel young at heart and two - get the right shade of color on the right hair style. We have compiled some information on the same.
Hair Colors for a Younger Look
When we say hair color, it does not only mean hiding the grays. There are many color palates that can transform your look, back to the good old 'looking-pretty' days! Yes, before we begin we would like to share some tips that can be useful. Opt for a good haircut that will make you look younger. Trust me with a bad cut, even the best of hair colors will not help, so make sure you get that right. Cover your grays, these color ideas for gray hair can help you. Even if the hair is thinning, graying, keep them nourished and healthy. Once you get this on track, you can crown them with some cool shades of hair color.
Earths and Browns: Most of us think natural is the best, and colors in brown shades give just enough warmth, to keep you looking younger. In case of browns choose something that is not extremely contrasting to your natural hair color and skin tone. Two shades lighter than your original hair color will give you a decent warm look. Opt for smooth chocolate shades, honey brown, golden brown and light brown to ash brown shades. The pigmentation on the skin tends to fade away as we age, so brightening up the pale look is important. These shades will give you just the right amount of glow.
Subtle Reds Yes, you still can play with some hot red shades of hair color. Though some care needs to be taken when choosing them. Bright funky reds are a big no! Do not even try highlighting a chunk of hair or few strands in dark and funky red. Use subtle tones and warm tones close to brown and not contrasting to the hair color. Auburn shades and shades in reddish brown can give you a chic look. With a stylish hair style, reds can do well to create a younger look.
Golden Blondes If you have lighter colored hair, blonde shades can be your hair color for a younger look. Here again make sure you do not create contrasts. While choosing the shades, do not color in pale blondes and very light tones. Keep two shades darker or lighter from the original hair color. Shades like honey blonde and golden blonde, and dark natural blondes can go well for highlights giving you a sun kissed appearance. For low lights (darker shade than your natural hair color) you can try beige natural blonde or dark natural blonde. Stay away from ash blondes and platinum blondes. Try to get low lights when you have light blonde hair, darker shades will create depth in the overall look. These colors will add the glow to your face and instantly brighten up a dull and old look.
Tinted Dual Shades For those who can flaunt the bolds in style, go for highlights in two colors, or go for low lights and highlights on the natural base hair color. Keep the combination warm and stay away from loud multi-colored streaks, they will drag you to the maximum age possible. As mentioned above, keep two tones lighter and darker. This creates depth and adds definition to the face and features. Go for browns to red when playing with two tones.
While choosing the hair color, take into consideration your natural hair color, skin tone and also the color of your eyes. Try to get highlights than simply coloring all your hair. Another important thing is to stay away from tinting the tips or frosting the hair only. Combine this style with highlighting or low lighting the hair. Even though you love being at par with the latest trends in hair color and fashion, be careful when trying extreme hair styles and colors. Only if you can carry it off well, opt for it. Else stay warm and natural for a rosy and youthful look.
Coloring hair is yet another way to look more beautiful with accentuating your hair. Try different options and go for what looks best for you. Aging cannot be reversed, but sure it can be made to look sexier. Enjoy this phase with a youthful charm... Go color...!
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