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14 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Go Well With One-shoulder Dresses

14 Gorgeous Hairstyles that Go with One-shoulder Dresses
A one-shoulder dress is always complemented by a perfect and simple hairstyle. If you're searching for an elegant, fuss-free hairstyle to match your attire, we have fleshed out 14 best hairstyles that will rock a one-shoulder dress.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Tips on Dressing Right!
Choose simple jewelry to go with the dress. Avoid necklaces so that you can flaunt your neckline. Let your dress do all the talking!

While choosing a hairstyle, do consider the back of your dress.

When women choose to dress for a special occasion, they have to consider many other details to achieve the desired look. The type of event or the weather conditions influence their choice of attire. But what counts is choosing something that will make her stand out. A one-shoulder dress, suitable for both day and night, will surely get her noticed! A one-shoulder dress is just the dress to achieve a combination of class and style, there is nothing more chic than the flash of a little tanned skin. These dresses can be both formal and informal, and you can choose from different styles and prints to go with your style.
Now what you need to ensure is you use the right style elements to complement your one-shoulder dress. The accessories and hairstyle that you opt for play a crucial role in deciding your overall look. Here, we take to discussing the perfect hairstyle that will complement your dress, which will make you look fabulous in every sense.
Hairstyles Ideas for One-shoulder Dresses
anchored hairstyle
So that your one-shoulder gown stands out, wear a hairstyle that's anchored on one side; the side opposite to the gown's strap. Your option in this case would be a off-center chignon that is either firmly fixed to one side or slightly loose.
hairstyle with bangs
You can go for thick sweeping bangs or flicks on your forehead too. You can also use sparkling accessories to complete the look.
lower bun
Another option on hand is to go in for a lower bun, while maintaining asymmetry. This look too keeps up the elegance that's desired.
one side dress
A perfect pairing that will go with a one-shoulder dress is the understated bun that oozes sophistication. If you feel that the hairstyle looks underplayed, you can always step up the bling factor by opting for a delicate tiara.
messy hairstyle
Another way to complement your one-shoulder attire is to mix drama with softness―we are talking about a messy, out-of-the-bed updo as shown in the image above―enough to hold on to people's attention for long!
super curly locks

So what if you have short curly hair? Show off your super-curly locks with a one-shoulder gown. Neither of them overshadow each other, and you'll rock for sure. Two words that come to mind: intricate and simple.
voluminous waves

Voluminous waves - check. Hair tucked on one side - check. Done! It's as simple as that! Your one-shoulder dress is bound to steal all the attention, plus this easy and relaxed hairstyle plays up one's natural beauty. Ooh la la!
curls hairstyle
curls from head
Both the images displayed above show updos with intricate spirals and curls that frame up a romantic look. The curls can begin from the crown of the head or from the middle. If you notice closely, the curls are so artfully pinned! We have just two words to ably describe this look - vintage and sultry!
simple pony tail
ponytail hairstyle
Want to be different yet play it simple? A long, sexy, glamorous ponytail is the answer. Be it a kaftan or cocktail dress as shown above, the look can be pulled off with great élan.
bob hairstyle
short bob hairstyle
A 'Victoria Beckham' inverted bob will always pull it off for you! Oh well, the pixie short crop isn't gonna be far too behind. Bob or pixie, you'll never go wrong!
braided hairstyle
Confident, playful, and undeniably romantic, a fishtail braid will work well for a one-shoulder outfit. Need we describe more?