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Does Sweat Damage Your Hair?

Does Sweat Damage Your Hair?

Working out means sweating, and sweating means wet and slick hair. But, can sweating really be harmful to your hair?
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Young Fitness Woman
Everybody knows how important it is to remain fit. A good lifestyle, healthy diet, and an exercise program keeps a person in great shape. As exercising regularly is an important part to have good health, one can't ignore working out. There are many health benefits of working out, however there are some minor disadvantages too. One such disadvantage is that sweat can be harmful to your hair. Hence, one needs to take even more care of their hair when working out. So, how does sweat damage your hair and how can you prevent it from causing damage to your hair? Here are some pointers...

Sweat and Hair
What happens when you sweat is that the salt build-up from sweat tends to get lodged in your hair and on your scalp. This creates a layer of salt and water on your hair and scalp, which leads to drying of hair, and eventually can lead to hair breakage. Also, maintaining a healthy scalp means maintaining healthy hair. On our scalp there are many tiny pores, which breathe and absorb substances which are on scalp. The salt buildup not only blocks these pores, but can sometimes get absorbed by the pores as well. Hence, sweat can damage to your hair and scalp health. To avoid the damaging effects of sweat on hair, it is important you get rid of sweat on your hair and scalp once you are done with your workout.

Maintaining Healthy and Shiny Hair after Workout
A workout can help get rid of toxins from the skin, as you will be sweating. This will make your skin glow from the inside. However, to prevent the damage of sweat on your hair, you need to remember few things. Two important things to remember is cleaning and moisturizing hair. Here are some hair care tips that you can use to maintain great hair when following an exercise program.
  • When working out, tie your hair up. Simply use a band to tie it in a high ponytail. If you have long hair, then consider a high bun. It is important to keep your hair away from your face and neck, as this will keep you feeling cooler and cause less sweat.
  • To avoid sweat near your hairline, tie a cotton scarf or use a sweat band or a cotton hair band.
  • Also, keep a hand napkin when working out. When you are taking a break between repetitions, use the napkin to wipe the sweat from the head and face.
  • You can shampoo your hair the days you have an intense workout, like cardio. However, the days you are going to be in a weight training session and tend to sweat less, avoid washing your hair.
  • If you are involved in a workout program that makes you sweat a lot throughout the whole week then it is important to wash your hair after every workout session.
  • However, if you are not involved in an intense workout program, but in a mild one like yoga. Then such a workout might lead to mild sweating, in such a case make sure you wash your hair at least once a week. Also, avoid over processing your hair.
  • It is important to use a clarifying shampoo. Consider buying a bottle of clarifying shampoo which has a balanced pH. This kind of shampoo will clean your hair and scalp thoroughly without causing any chemical damage.
  • Once you are done with your workout, let the water run all over your body including your head. Then apply the clarifying shampoo and massage the scalp for a minute or two, and then apply the shampoo over the hair, and pile the hair on top of your head.
  • Then lather the body with soap. Turn on the shower and wash from head to toe.
  • Once, you are out of shower towel dry your hair, and apply a leave-in-conditioner/hair serum if you have very curly and dry hair; otherwise, avoid using a conditioner after shampooing the hair.
  • To maintain the moisture in the hair further, follow a hot oil treatment once a week. Once you are done with the oil massage, take steam for 10 minutes. Then after an hour you can wash your hair with shampoo.
  • If you can't follow a hot oil treatment in a particular week, then use protein conditioner on the hair.
  • Using a hair mask once a month can further help to keep your hair moisturized. Use a mayonnaise or any other good natural hair mask once a month.
Follow the above points to avoid the salty buildup and hair damage from sweat. Make sure you keep your hair clean and well moisturized to maintain great hair. Don't be lazy, a little bit of extra hair care will keep your locks looking lustrous and beautiful. Hence, follow the hair care regime without fail. Take care!