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These Tips on Choosing Dark Red Hair Color are Pure Gold

Tips on Choosing Dark Red Hair Color
Dark red hair color is a good choice for a stark change in the look of your hair. The process of choosing proper hair color shouldn't be difficult if the information presented below is considered.
Shashank Nakate
Coloring the hair red is a trend that has become popular in recent times. However, the practice of dyeing the hair red can be tricky at times. This is because, while dealing with the underlying pigments, the resultant hair color could be much different from the desired one. A person with dark hair would achieve a reddish orange tone, while those with lighter hair might have a yellowish tone.
Dark Red Hair Coloring
In the practice of hair coloring, many factors need to be considered before coloring. To get the desired color, one should take into account the skin tone, eye color and the product that is chosen. Consulting an expert beforehand is necessary if one thinks about coloring their hair. This is because not considering the above factors might lead to shades which are completely different from what is expected.
Hair Color Products
The following products, if used properly, would help in coloring the hair red, and getting that exact shade you always desired.
Loreal MajiRouge
This product allows you to attain vibrant hair color tones of red from burgundy to copper. It also protects the hair and provides the necessary conditioning. The 'Loreal MajiRouge' hair color is priced at $14.40.
The powder is sprinkled on the hair and it blends with the hair perfectly. It can be easily applied with a brush-on applicator. It absorbs oil and also helps in enhancing the manageability of the hair. The product is priced at $15.99.
Water Works #29 Fire Red
It is a permanent hair color available in the powdered form and activated by water. It does not contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals. It can be applied just by mixing in water without the need of peroxide. A single pack costing $5.99 contains 6 grams of powder.
Hair Color Shades with Henna
Henna is a natural dark red hair dye which also makes the hair healthy, shiny and strong. Henna is basically a vegetable tannin used to stain the hair. Keratin of hair fuses with hennotannin molecules of henna and the resulting color of hair becomes red-orange. Mousy brown hair produces a good result with henna and a dark red color is attained.
4RR Dark Henna Red
This hair color product contains pharmaceutical grade peroxide and low amounts of paraphenylenediamines (PPD) pigment. The conditioning makes the hair silky and soft. A single pack weighs 4.2 oz and costs $18.78.
Tips on Choosing Dark Red Hair Dye
The following tips would help in choosing the perfect color for dyeing hair.
  • Professional advice should be taken before going for a particular hair color. Experts generally recommend a hair color taking into account the skin tone.
  • Deep mahogany colors look good and are subtle in their appearance.
  • A red hair color kit with burgundy or violet red shades is suitable for dyeing at home.
  • One can also go for red hair highlights instead of coloring the hair entirely in red. In fact, red hair highlights look better in some cases.
Dark red hair color is easy to achieve if the above information is considered and the tips are taken into account.