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Turn into a Glamor-diva With These Funky Chunky Hair Highlights

Chunky Hair Highlights
Hair highlights are a common trend that has seen many innovations. Chunky highlights give a new and unique look. If you planning for a hairdo, then definitely try new trends of highlights.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
Woman Getting Perm In Salon
What are Chunky Highlights?
Are you confused about what are highlights, streaks, chunky highlights, and lowlights? Well, let me clear these things. Highlights are basically sections of hair colored to a lighter color, than the hair base. Lowlights are sections of hair dyed to a darker color, than the hair base.
Lowlights are done near the hair roots, while highlights are done on the outer layers of the hair. Chunky highlights and streaks are similar. They are basically thick sections of hair colored to a lighter color.
black base
light blonde highlight on black base hair
Chunky highlights are very noticeable highlights. The most popular trend of chunking is light blonde highlights on a base of black hair. Though, this look sounds extreme, it actually looks very nice.
multi-tonal highlight on short curly hair
You can also go for multi-tonal highlights. Simply, choose two to three colors which suit your complexion and eye color. Then get highlights of these colors on your hair base. This is a fun look and will give a lot of texture to your hair. It is especially suitable for fine short hair, as it adds depth to the hair.
Streaks and chunky highlights look attractive but quite bold. If you want a more natural look then opt for skinny highlights. They cost the same, but look less noticeable. When dyeing your hair get 6-8 chunky highlights. However, if you are going for skinny highlights then get 10 - 12 skinny highlights. Ensure, you get some highlights in your bangs to even out the look.
Chunking Highlights in Trend
A simple braid looks intricate with chunky highlights
Dark blonde highlights
multi color highlights in sleek hair
two color
ash green and mahogany highlights brighten the curls
red head
Shiny red highlights always looks gorgeous
light brown highlight on dark brown base
golden highlight on blond base
Hair Coloring Technique
You can use the technique to achieve either the bold look or even the subtle look that has a slight element of drama. Many girls try bright shades of colors on their natural hair to give it a chunky look. The basic methods involve the use of bright and contrasting colors.
For the process, hair is highlighted in large sections as compared to other types of highlights. This process allows you to color bigger sections of your hair or even one particular area of your hair. It involves highlighting hair in specific areas desired by you.
Select the hues as per the natural shade of the hair and the color of your skin. Go in for subtle shades if you are not really confident about bright colors. Besides, the best thing about chunky hair highlights is that it suits any length of hair.
Short hairstyles, especially bob hairstyles look fantastic with chunky highlights. This would look specifically good when the strands that frame your face are also colored. Long hairstyles can also benefit with this technique. Gorgeous long hair with colored strands in between the natural shade adds to the glam element.
If you really wish to opt for this technique, then you have to go to a reputed hairstylist. This will help you to infuse the professional touch into your hairdo. You can also look for hair chunking kits by various reputed brands. These come with all the essentials and instructions needed to make your hair look gorgeous! One word of warning in this case, ensure you have a friend to help when you try it for the first time. This is especially, in case of women with long hair.
Use these basics of chunky highlights to give yourself a new look! Sport this look with confidence and you will surely get a fan following!