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Chemical Hair Straightening

Chemical Hair Straightening
What is chemical hair straightening? What are the products used for it? Is it harmful? To know all the answers, read the article.
Saptakee Sengupta
Both men and women, who have curly and frizzy hair, are resorting to permanent hair straightening, chemical hair straightening to be precise, to manage them. This technology was invented in Japan, and today it has gained popularity all over the world. Once you straighten your hair chemically, you can get rid of the flat irons, as the effects of this treatment last very long. The chemicals applied on the hair bring about permanent changes to the structure of the hair, transforming it to linear strands. The chemical bonds present within each individual strand of hair fiber are exposed to wear and tear that leads to this change.
Make sure that the procedure is performed by a professional who is technically experienced in this field. Get the texture and quality of your hair examined so that the right products can be applied on it. The most common is the strand test that is performed on the hair to analyze its capacity to withstand the strength of the chemicals. This treatment utilizes the following hair straightening products:
  • Chemical hair relaxers are applied on the hair shaft that change the conformation of hair follicles. The waves and the curls are relaxed, making the strand completely straight. Some salons use petroleum creams over scalp prior to application of the relaxers in order to protect the scalp.
  • The hair is allowed to soak in these chemicals for a certain duration after which it is rinsed with water. Hair neutralizers are then spread over hair to restore the pH balance. This is important for maintaining its vitality and life.
  • The application of a conditioner is optional. It is an additional ingredient that contributes to the texture of the straightened hair.
Chemically straightened hair is a result of techniques like ionic treatment, thermal straightening, and the protein treatment. A protein-based chemical product is applied on the hair, that changes its texture. It is followed by ironing the hair resulting in super straight hair. Thermal reconditioning is the process wherein thermal irons are run over the hair to make it straight after application of the chemicals.
Ionic Hair Restructuring (IHR) is a Japanese technique of hair straightening. Prior to application of hair relaxers, it is exposed to pre-treatment and ionic spray. This keeps hair hydrated and restores its protein content. The hair is then ironed and finally dried with a special kind of hair dryer. Hair straightening is an expensive affair. To avoid the costs of salons, straightening kits are available in the market. If you follow tips carefully then you can easily straighten your hair at home.
Apart from the process, you need to spend money on maintenance of the newly gained texture of your hair. This implies purchasing products like shampoos and conditioners formulated exclusively for straightened hair. However, getting chemical hair straightening done from a reputed beauty house ensures long-lasting results and the investment is just one time. If your hair has lost the natural beauty, then opt for it.