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How to Choose the Best Hair Relaxer

Know How to Choose the Best Hair Relaxer for a Straighter Mane

Choosing the best relaxer for your hair is actually very easy if you are aware of some of basic dos and don'ts. This HairGlamourista article talks about relaxer essentials and how to select and apply a hair relaxer.
Rutuja Jathar
Thick curly hair could be like a nightmare for many women! Not knowing how to manage with those thick curls can be bothersome, and such women may be surely in need of some solution. Well, there are various hair care products that come to their rescue. One of the latest and the most popular products of them all is known as hair relaxer. It is a blend of chemicals that promote relaxing the tightness of curls and helping you to get a smoother, straighter, and relaxed mane.
These type of lotions are also used to untangle thick, wavy, or curly hair. However, as the nature, texture, and requirements of each hair type are different, you also need to be aware of the best relaxer that suits your particular hair type. That way, you will get the best possible results and retain them without any adverse effects.
Relaxer Essentials
Based on the hair relaxer ingredients, they are classified into three main types, namely lye based, non-lye based, and natural ingredients based hair relaxers. Amongst all these three types that are available, lye-based ones are the most popular. They are easy to apply and they also provide faster results.
However, people who are allergic to lye or who are hypoallergenic to chemicals, tend to opt for non-lye based or natural hair relaxers. Lye-based hair relaxers contain sodium hydroxide, non-lye hair relaxers contain guanidine hydroxide, while natural hair relaxers contain essential oils, honey, and butter.
Chemical hair relaxers may lead to several side effects such as dry hair, dandruff, dull hair, rough hair, skin irritation, and burning sensation in the scalp. Hence, you need to be quite sure of what you want while choosing relaxers for kids as well as adults.
How to Choose a Hair Relaxer
Being aware of the types of hair relaxers is not going to help you if you don't know which is the best relaxer for your hair type. They are available from mild to super strength, and you need to select the strength that suits your hair type. You also need to understand that hair relaxers for black hair are way too different from those for white-haired people. For instance, if you have thick black hair with stubborn curls, then you need to select a strong/super level relaxer in order to get better results.
Consider coarseness and curly nature of your hair and see whether the strength of the relaxer that you have chosen is suitable for your hair. Thick and coarse hair are better treated with super strength hair relaxers that contain lye. Lye is the best ingredient for such hair, since it breaks the tough curly bonds of the hair and keeps them smoother. Along with the basic hair relaxing treatment ingredient, you also need to check for the rest of the ingredients in the hair relaxer and choose the best that will cause the least side effects or damage on a long-term basis.
Best Way to Apply a Hair Relaxer
You need to know how to relax your hair before you settle down with the best product. Most hair relaxers are available in the form of kits that consists of the relaxer cream, neutralizing shampoo, hair conditioner, activator solution, and application tools like spatula stick and hand gloves. First of all, you need to prevent the ingredients from coming in contact your scalp, to negate the possible side effects. For that, you can either use the pre-relaxing products that come along with the kit, or you can simply apply oil on your scalp before undergoing this straightening treatment. If you are applying a relaxer for coarse hair, then it is advisable to add a few tablespoons of superior-quality olive oil in the mixture and then apply it on your hair. You need to follow all the instructions that are mentioned on the label of the kit and then deep-condition your hair for better hair care and a healthier mane.
Most Popular Relaxer Reviews
Most people prefer using natural options for hair loosening and straightening as they tend to be healthier. The natural options available include lemon juice, honey, coconut cream, cocoa butter, olive oil, etc. While chemical products are known to give better results, the natural products are more salubrious over them. Although they may not provide perfect treatment to the hair in comparison to the synthetic products, their safety characteristics provide them with an edge over their own shortcoming.
If you want to stick to products that are based on chemicals, then you may want to opt for the products like Optimum Relaxer, Optimum Care Advanced Technology Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer System, Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 2, Affirm by Avon, Dark & Lovely Super, Mizani Relaxer for Coarse Hair, Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Built-In Protection No Lye Relaxer System (Extra Strength), Naturalaxer Kit-In-A-Jar, etc.
However, note that if you are pregnant, then you need to ask your OB/GYN before using such products for safety purposes! Once you get all your doubts cleared, then you can easily let your hair down. All the best!