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We Help You Choose the Best Hair Dryer There is for Fine Hair

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair
Choosing the right hair dryer for fine hair is important, because an unsuitable hair dryer can damage your hair. The two best choices of dryer for fine hair are Conair iSeries Infiniti and Sedu Revolution Pro 6000i Dryer. Let us look at more such products and shopping tips.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2018
Every type of hair requires special attention when it comes to hair care and styling. One of the most commonly used styling products is the blow dryer. Silky, smooth and thin hair is generally defined as fine hair, which is a common hair type. However, just any hair dryer for thin, fine hair won't do.
Certain hair dryers can add shine and volume to the fine hair, while styling it. Keep in mind these tips while shopping for the best hair dryer for fine hair.
Types of Hair Dryers
You need to select one of the best hair blow dryers to maintain the appearance of fine hair. There are various types of hair dryers like the ionic hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, and tourmaline hair dryers. Let us discuss them further.
Tourmaline Hair Dryers
Tourmaline hair dryer
Tourmaline, basically, is a semi-precious gemstone, which when heated generates negative ions. The advantage of tourmaline hair dryers is that they dry hair quickly compared to non-tourmaline ones. These dryers also tend to add more shine to the hair.
Ionic Hair Dryers
Ionic hair dryer
Did you know that some of the best ionic blow dryers are made with tourmaline? The advantage of these hair dryers is that they tend to make the hair shiny, and at the same time help to tame frizz.
Ceramic Hair Dryers
Ceramic hair dryer
Ceramic is basically a composite material, which is made out of clay. These dryers tend to heat up fast and evenly. Ceramic hair dryers prevent breakage that might be caused due to increased temperature conditions. Ceramic hair dryers also retain the original moisture of your hair, and keep them in shape for a longer period of time.
The best hair dryer for sleek and fine hair is the one which comes with a combination of an ionic generator; along with ceramic and tourmaline elements, that give out infrared heat.
Other Factors to Consider
Now that you know the various types of hair dryers, there are some more features that you need to look out for, in a hair dryer for thin and fine hair
  • Purchase a hair dryer that comes with variable temperature settings. Normally, the best hair dryer comes with a temperature and heat setting which varies from 600 watts to 1200 watts. Fine hair requires a dryer with heat settings in the range of 600 to 1500 watts, but not more than that!
  • There are many accessories which you will find handy when using with the dryer. One such is the nozzle attachment. It helps to focus the air while you brush the hair down. Choose a hair dryer that comes with a nozzle or buy it as a separate accessory.
  • If you have sleek and thin hair, then look out for multiple heat and speed settings on the dryer. This will help to create more volume in your fine hair.
  • These days, many hair dryers come with a cool shot button. It helps to add more shine to your hair, and helps to seal in the style, making it last longer.
  • Ensure, you get an extended warranty on your hair dryer.
Top Products Reviews
You should always buy hair dryers from a recognized discount store like Wal-Mart or Target or from online discount stores like eBay and Amazon. If not, then it is always better to purchase it from a reliable and well-known beauty store in your area, which is the best place to get professional grade hair dryers. Here are some of the top products reviewed...
Conair iSeries Infiniti Hair Dryer
Conair iSeries Infiniti Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer also comes with 1875 W variable temperature settings. It is designed with ionic ceramic technology which is quite useful for less frizz and more manageable hair. Some other features of this hair dryer are - versatile 3 heat and 2 speed settings, foldable handle, retractable cord, cool shot button, removable filter that provides easy cleaning, attached concentrator, and diffuser and dual voltage system. It also comes with 2 year warranty. Conair iSeries Infiniti is one of the cheapest hair dryers suited for fine hair!
Sedu Revolution Pro 6000i Dryer
This is the latest model of dryer from Sedu, and comes with a powerful air flow and heat feature. It is one of the most popular professional dryers in the market. It comes with 6 heat settings, on and off ionic generator switch, long-lasting AC motor, and 2 nozzle concentrators. It also comes with the instant cold shot button. This dryer has a 2 year warranty.
6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Ionic Hair Dryer
This is one of the oldest and finest brand of haircare products. The Ionic hair dryer operates at 1600 Watts and consists of a dual ion generator. The ON-OFF button regulates ion generation. It is also equipped with various concentrator nozzles along with anti-shock buttons, and has two heat settings. If you love to style your hair like fluffy buns, however fine hair come in your way, this dryer has features that certainly help. The warranty period offered with the product is 2 years.
BabylissPro Nano Titanium Dryer
If you want a hair dryer which helps to achieve smooth and frizz-free hair, then BaBylissPro Carrera 2 Hair Dryer is a good choice. It has a compact design and various powerful styling features. It has ceramic ionic technology, which makes it a good choice as a hair dryer for fine hair. It comes with a narrow concentrator nozzle, cool shoot button, 2000 watts power, 6 heat settings and a 3 year warranty.
Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer is designed with powerful negative ions by special Italian engineering, that work great with fine hair too! Some of the special features of this hair dryer include - ionic generator with indicator light, high output motor which is able to provide about 1875 watt temperature, removable air intake filter, concentrator nozzle in 2 sizes, and an instant cool shot button. This hair dryer also comes with a 2 year warranty.
Useful Tips
To take care of your fine hair better, remember these tips when working with the blow dryer.
  • If you have damaged or very thin hair, then make sure you blot out the excess water using a towel, before using the dryer.
  • Work on the lowest setting if you have fragile hair, as more heat can cause further damage to the hair.
  • To add more volume to the hair turn the ion generator off, blow dry it upside-down for some time. Then flip the hair, turn on the ion generator and again finish drying it.
  • Use a hair serum on damp hair, before you blow dry it. This will protect the hair against the heat damage.
  • Whenever blow drying your hair, always keep moving the hair dryer. This will help to get a better style, and prevent damage to the hair.
Hair dryer
Hair dryer
Hair dryer
Now that you are aware of the hair dryers that can be used for fine hair, you can get a cute haircut, and style it the way you like!
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