Wet Hairstyles

These Wet Hairstyles Make Hairstyling Really Easier and Faster

You just finished shampooing your hair, and have 5 minutes to style your wet hair into something that look good. Here are some quick fixes to help style wet hair into something gorgeous!
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: May 26, 2018
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It is not an uphill task to style your wet hair. However, using wrong hair care products or not conditioning your hair can make definitely make it seem like one. If you take care while washing your hair, then styling damp hair will be an easier job.
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Wash your hair with a good shampoo.Then rinse your hair thoroughly. Apply a good conditioner. Let it sit for 2 minutes, and wash your hair again.
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Squeeze out the excess water from your hair; do not rub a towel on the wet hair as this will make them frizzy. Keep a towel below your wet hair for a few minutes. Then apply an anti-frizz serum on your wet hair, so that your hair doesn't break while you comb them.
Quick Fix Idea #1
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The first idea is to go with a simple well combed hair. If you have fine hair, then this is the easiest hairstyle. Just part your hair in the middle, then start combing your hair using a wide tooth comb from the bottom and reach till your scalp.
Quick Fix Idea #2
If you get annoyed with wet hair falling on your face, then just comb your wet hair straight back, and secure the top half of your hair using a pretty clip, and leave the rest of the hair open. This half up and half down hairstyle is done before you can say knife!
Quick Fix Idea #3
Woman with braid hairstyle
For voluminous mane, try classic braid style. Apply loads of serum on your wet hair before forming a braid hairstyle. 
Then leave a few strands out from the sides and use a curling iron to get few elegant locks. However, if you have short hair then, instead of going for a braid, you can gather your tresses into a small pony.
Quick Fix Idea #4
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Divide your hair into 4-5 sections, and apply a curly hair mousse or a sea salt spray. Scrunch a section of your hair and this way work on rest of the sections. Within minutes you'll have sexy beach waves to flaunt.
Quick Fix Idea #5
There are many wet hair care products available today. One of the popular wet hair products is Wet and Wavy Human Hair, which comes in different wave lengths and hair color, all you need to do is part your hair and pin these wavy hair clips, and you are good to go.
Quick Fix Idea #6
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If you don't want to carry wet wavy hair, then here are few tips to style your hair straight. On damp hair apply loads of serum, and then use a flat iron. Wet hair with loads of hair serum will help protect the hair against the heat from the iron.
Then work on the different sections of your hair by using the iron from the top of your hair till the ends. You will love this straight and sexy look. and yes, handle the hot iron with care, or ask for a friend's help as you don't want to risk burning your precious locks or yourself for that matter.
So just remember to condition your hair properly, keep yourself armed with a wide tooth comb and bobby pins, and you will have made your hair styling a lot easier and faster!