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Wedge Hairstyles for Women

Beguiling Wedge Hairstyles for Women to Achieve a Priceless Look

With the summer sun scorching down, you need a hairstyle that helps you to keep the hair from sticking to your neck. A wedge hairstyle is just right for summers as it is chic and low maintenance.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
The wedge haircut originated in the seventies and was made popular by the famous Olympic figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill. You can see this wedge hairstyle on stars like Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Victoria Beckham and Brittany Daniel. Wedge hairstyles for women are short and slightly tapered upwards at the back and the front is angled downwards. It may or may not have bangs and this type of hairstyle is also referred to as the inverted bob hairstyle. A wedge haircut does not suit everybody and you should study your face structure carefully before going ahead with this style. This hairstyle is most suitable for those women who have a heart shaped face with strong features.
Wedge Haircut Styles
There are many variations of wedge haircuts for women. The hair can be layered at the back and crown area to create more volume and you can opt for bangs which are asymmetrical or cut straight across your forehead. You can also style it to create waves by applying some hair gel or mousse. Whatever wedge haircut you choose from, make sure that it suits your face shape and also your lifestyle.
Classic Wedge Hairstyle
Wedge Haircut
To get a wedge hairstyle for women, that is youthful and that can be styled easily, first ask your stylist to give you a wedge haircut that has a lot of texture. The front portion of your hair should be a lot longer than the back portion and should come up to your chin. The back portion should be cut in layers to create a bit of volume. Now to style your hair, first apply a shine serum through your strands and use a ceramic flat iron to straighten your hair. Create an extreme side part and flip the front portion of your hair so that it is just skimming your jawline. This is one of the most elegant wedge hairstyles and it gives a very stylish and sleek look. This hairstyle is best paired with a little black dress and long chandelier earring.
Layered Wedge Hairstyle
Layered Wedge Haircut
Another great wedge hairstyles for women is to go for a style where the hair in front is cut just above the ear and the crown sections are left longer. The back section of the hair is layered and cut till the nape. To style this kind of a haircut, the hair is parted at the side, near the crown. This helps to give the appearance of more volume. The choppy fringes are swept straight towards the front and allowed to fall haphazardly across the forehead. The fringe should just about skim the eyebrows for a chic look. Mist the hairstyle with a hairspray to keep the style in place.
Wedge Hairstyle with Bangs
Wedge Haircut with Bangs
If you have high cheekbones then you can emphasize it by going for long side swept bangs with your wedge haircut. Apply some hair mousse or gel through your hair while your hair is still damp. Now blow dry your hair by using a powerful blow dryer and a large paddle brush with boar bristles. A paddle brush is an essential item for creating this wedge hairstyle as you require to blow dry your hair straight. When you are done blow drying your entire hair, straighten sections of your bangs by using a flat iron. The bangs should be arranged on one side of your forehead and misted with hair spray.
Many women wrongly believe that this hairstyle is only for young women and mature women can't carry off this look. But as women age, they begin to lose hair volume and thus a layered wedge haircut can give their hair the appearance of greater volume. A wedge hairstyle is a classic style and can look stunning on all women whether young or old.
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