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Super Jazzy Weave Hairstyles for African-American Women

Weave Hairstyles for African-American Women
Weave hairstyles help add some extra length and volume to hair. Many African-American women are opting for these hairstyles to add a little glamor, to their otherwise simple hairstyles.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Weave hairstyles are very popular among the African-American women. The process of weaving involves weaving or gluing other hair matching the wearer's natural hair. This helps add 2 to 10 inches of length to the natural hair length.

Weaving is a tedious process that takes hours to get the hair done. African-American women spend these long hours in parlors getting hair weaved, as it helps them get the versatility of hairstyles, which is hard to achieve with their natural hair.
Types of Weave
Weave hairstyles involves the usage of synthetic or real hair, woven into the natural hair. Synthetic weaves are good for braided hairstyles or twisted hairstyles. But, they tend to appear fake and may irritate the skin. Also, they tend to get tangled easily and may not be suitable for free-flowing hairstyles. Natural hair, that is, human hair is more suitable and is of different types.

This includes Asian, European, Indian, African-American natural hair. You can use these natural weaves for free-flowing styles. These hair do not cause irritation or damage to your skin and natural hair.
Methods for Application of Weaves
There are different methods to apply your weave extensions to your hair. These include single strand method and weft. If you go for single strand method, it means the stylist will take small groups of hair that involves around 25 hair strands. Then these sections will be applied to your natural hair. Method of attachment involves fusion, adhesive, clamping as well as waxes. The natural hair is coated with a substance and then the extensions are attached. However, these styles do not last long and in a few months, you many have to go in for a re-application.

Weft is a method where hair groups are continuously connected to the natural hair. This leaves them free-flowing in the end. There are two forms of weft; the handmade weft and machine-made weft. Handmade are more natural in appearance, but expensive as compared to the machine-made weft. Glue, heat fusion or sewing will help attach them to your scalp.
Types of Bonding Method
There are different techniques for attaching the hair to natural hair. These include:
The traditional method of includes bonding and getting the synthetic or real hair woven intricately into the hair. Hair is glued to the roots of natural hair with the help of a special adhesive. However, tracks should not be left in hair for more than a week or two. It may damage the natural hair if left for a longer time.
This method is known as tracking and involves braiding hair into cornrows. The cornrows are referred to as tracks and thus, the method is called tracking. This involves the use of special needles and threads to sew in the hair. One can go in for a few tracks or full head weave. If you go in for full head weave, the braids will either be covered with a net or may be sewn down. The natural or synthetic extensions are then sewn into braids. Aftercare is very important to prevent bad hair odor as well as the growth of bacteria.
The most realistic method is fusion, that involves gluing individual strands of hair with extensions. This gives a natural look at the hair and can be styled as you would style your natural hair. But fusion is an expensive method. It ranges from $800 to $1,800. Also, it is one of the most time-consuming techniques (about 4-8 hours to complete the bonding). The hot glue gun is used to attach the hair extensions to individual hair. One should only visit a trained, experienced and certified stylist to carry out fusion. This is because untrained hands may lead to accidental burning of the scalp skin.
If you want your weaves to last a bit longer than go in for netting. This hair weaving process involves the use of the breathable net-like surface, that is fitted above braided hair. The hair weaves are added to the net making the weaves last longer for about 3 months. Aftercare is very important and one should wash hair once a week. Make sure wet hair is dried properly, to prevent the growth of mildew under the net.
Other techniques include NoBraids NoGlue, tree braiding, clip-in and clip-on hair extensions, lace extensions and micro braiding.
Ponytail Weave Hairstyles
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo and properly condition your hair before trying out any hairstyle.
  • Dry your hair with a towel and using a wide toothed comb, gather all hair at one spot on your head where you want your ponytail.
  • Smoothen out your hair using a little conditioning hair gel. Use a soft brush to smooth out all the edges and get your hair into position.
  • Using an elastic hair band, tie the base of your ponytail securely. Take the ends of the hair and wind them around the base of the hair band, using 2 to 3 bobby pins to secure them together.
  • Now, take a pin and attach the end of the weave tract to the base of the hair band. Start adding the weaves from the top of your natural hair. Wrap the weave tract around the base of the bun, using a new pin after every two turns. Secure the hair to the base of your bun using 2-3 pins for the last time.
  • Take another hair weave, wrapping it around the track line of the previous hair weave. This helps hide the track line and use 1 or 2 pins to secure it.
  • Curl, flip or let it hang straight, you are ready with your ponytail weave hairstyle.
It is very important to choose a hairstylist with knowledge and experience in weaving synthetic and real hair. There are many long hairstyles and short hairstyles to choose from, that help try out new hair weave styles. Once you have weaves in your hair, follow proper hair care routine to make them last longer. Use some hair moisturizer or potion to make your hair shiny and attractive. Always sleep with a scarf covering your hair after you achieve your desired quick weave hairstyle.
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