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Magnificent Weave Hairstyles for Black Women to Carry With Pomp

Pragya T Apr 17, 2019
Once in a while, it feels good to update your current hairstyle with a gorgeous new weave. Here are some fashionable weave hairstyles with low maintenance and are versatile .
No matter how long your hair is or what the style or texture is, any woman can rock a weave. Being a popular trend among African-American women, these extensions change your look and feel. You can pick any style, length, and color you desire, sometimes, finalizing or picking a style can be tough.
The weaves can add around 2 -10 inches of length to your natural hair. If you are bored with short hair or wish to add texture to your natural hair, go for it. From plain straight hair to curly or wavy weaves, rest assured to have the perfect hairstyle every time.

You need to go over the information provided and find the hairstyle that'll work for you.

8 Weave Hairstyles to Try

Hair Lengths To Consider

Depending on how long you want your hair to look, choose any of the following types of weaves that are readily available in beauty stores and salons.

Medium Weave

To increase the length of short hair, a medium weave is ideal, with low upkeep. Opt for weaves giving shoulder length hair to tie a ponytail, braid or updo.

Long Weave

For quick long hair, get straight, wavy or curly weaves with glue, sewn-in or clip-in hair extensions and style your hair into braids, updo or set the hair free.

Wet-looking Weave

For a sexy unkempt look, suited best for summers, try a wet-wavy weave. For this, apply gel or creme from root to tip, untangle your hair and let them dry.

Curly Weave

There are different types of curly weaves that you can pick from. With these weaves, you can easily add volume and bounce to your hair. 

Flapper bob

You can go with any length and style of hair, such as a romantic or flapper bob.

Wavy bohemian-type style

You can even go with weaves which have shorter curls in the front, and longer curls in the back.

Tips To Follow

  • While synthetic or human hair are available in a variety of color and styles, choose natural or synthetic hair depending upon the style you wish to go with. But remember, natural hair gel properly with original hair. 
  • It is recommended that you visit a professional hair weaving expert, who understands your hair type and uses the right technique for weaving.
  • Take care to check that the hair weave is not very heavy or pulling at your scalp, because this can lead to side effects like headaches, or even cause harm to your natural hair. If you don't want to get hair weave glue to your scalp, then try using a hair extension to see how it looks on you.
  • Use of glue to bond hair extension to your natural hair is one of the best techniques used to get hair weaves for black women. This technique helps to hold hair together in different conditions, like when washing and conditioning hair. However, be careful while using blow dryers or irons as they can cause undesirable effects with the glue.
This was all about hair weave styles for black women. So, pick a type of hair weave and seek professional help to get the style. Make sure you take care of the weave hairstyle to protect it and maintain it for long.