7 Creatively Chic Ways to Style a Cute Bow in Your Hair

7 Ways to Style a Bow in Your Hair
Bows make us look pretty; they remind us of our childhood; all things good and innocent; they make us feel like little girls, and so much more! So adorn your hair with colorful bows, as there are multiple ways to style them. Check them out in this Buzzle post.
Giggles and curls,
Ribbons and bows,
She's adorable,
From her head to her toes!

Looking at my 3-year old niece wearing a big, red bow with her barely there hair, literally made me jealous. Those cute bows that we used to clip our hair without any abandon slowly started disappearing as we grew older.

But why? Do they look kiddish? Absolutely not! They look amazing at any age on any hair type. So if you have always been fascinated with cute, colorful bows that can literally bring a smile on anyone's face, then it's time to bring them back. I am gonna do it and so should you.

All you gotta do is wear them right. So here we are presenting 7 different basic ways to style a bow in your hair. Believe me these little bows are like miraculous accessories, and there's ample scope for you to experiment with them.

Simple Puff

bow with hairpuff

This is as easy as it can be. A simple puff is a favorite style of many gals (including me) as it is super convenient and stylish. You can take the look to new levels with a bright bow clip. You can pin it straight or with a slight side partition as shown in the figure.

With Braid

bow with braid

Why use a simple rubber band to secure your braid, when you can use a cutesy bow! Look how cute the braid looks. Whether you are wearing a fishtail, rope, or waterfall braid, adorning a bow will instantly make your hair look pretty.

With Side Partition

bow clip side partition

Just comb your hair properly, make a deep side partition, and secure your bangs with a bow clip. The perfect hassle-free way to style a bow in your hair, isn't it? And, believe me, you won't end up looking like a little girl.


bow with simple ponytail

Your everyday ponytails need not be boring or simple. Jazz up your look instantly with a bow. Whether you are wearing a chic high ponytail or a side ponytail or a just a simple loose one, you can use colorful bow rubber bands.

Half Updo

bow with half updo

Beautiful loose curls, and a half updo adorned with a classy bow; isn't it like the perfect combination?

With a Bun

bow with a bun

Can hairstyling ever get classier than a bun! Choose from the numerous types of buns, and make them look all the more desirable with a bow.

On a hairband

bow on a hairband

Okay this one may make you look like a little girl. So when you want to look a little girly and a lot cute, wear a hairband with a big bow. This style looks perfect with any dress, and will especially complement dresses and skirts.

Now there's actually one more way to style a bow in your hair - using your hair itself! Yes, why use clips or rubber bands when you got the best possible accessory! Know how to do that here, and till then keep experimenting! Keep it stylish!