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Ways to Get a Chic Look with Trendy Ponytail Extensions

Ways to Get a Chic Look with Trendy Ponytail Extensions

Just because you have thin hair, you think you can't have fun with it? Or is it that your hair's short, and you're bored of the look you carry? Let us give you a pleasant surprise. Tuck in a sleek ponytail, using clip-in hair extensions, and showcase your confidence! HairGlamourista gives you chic and trendy ponytail hairstyles, of course with the help of hair extensions.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018
A clip usually flattens the ponytail. Instead, tie your pony with elastic, and secure a clip on top. This will give your ponytail an accessorized look.
Every woman dreams of thick, long Rapunzel-like hair to pull off any hairstyle gracefully. (Looks at her hair in the mirror, comes out of the dream bubble!) Let's get out of the "fairytale world!" Nonetheless, we have hair extensions! And fortunately, we have a lot of options within these synthetic/real hair extensions. Whether your hair is short, long, thin, or thick, wavy, or curly, there's an extension available for you. You just need to know how to tie them neatly, so as to not look like you've faked it. Of course, this needs patience and practice.

Everybody is in love with ponytails! From classic 'dos to messy pony buns, you can have so many versions to a ponytail. A regular ponytail can also be wrapped into twists and buns. Go through the slideshow, and we bet, at least one of the 'dos will go with your personality. Warning: You may fall in love with these!
Aren't you fascinated with these chic ponytails styles? So let's begin our hair-dressing journey.
Things you'll need
  • Hair extensions: Clip-in extensions, Clip-on ponytail hair pieces, braided extensions, pony fall extensions, etc.
  • Bobby pins, hair ties―basically hair accessories.
  • Hairspray
How to Do the Waterfall Ponytail
One of the most elegant ways to style your hair the ponytail way is doing the Waterfall ponytail. Yeah, may be we cheated a bit on the famous waterfall hairstyle, but creativity is our style mantra. This ponytail hairstyle calls for long extensions. The procedure is as under:
waterfall ponytail
Comb your hair thoroughly to remove any twists and tangles.

Step 1: Start with doing the waterfall hairstyle, infusing clip-in hair extensions, using the waterfall hairstyle technique. Match the color of your extensions with your hair color.
Step 2: Tuck in a rose-shaped knot as shown.
Step 3: Now, continue with waterfall braids, in the reverse direction.
Step 4: Fix this using hair clips. You can add hair accessories to enhance the look.
Step 5: Secure a ponytail with the hair strands that are left.

Tada! Time to insta  your chic and classy hairstyle!
Other Hairstyles à la Mode
Loosed, relaxed ponytail
Tight, high ponytails, no doubt, give a sporty look. But the relaxed version of this hairstyle is modish. Let your hair have a natural texture. Comb it thoroughly. Add hair wept fixing with hair extension clips, and loosely pull all the strands forming a ponytail, resting between the crown of your head and the nape. Secure with an elastic band.
Sleek High-flying Ponytail
The famous Demi Lovato look! Pick up an hair extension that gives your hair some extra length. After adding extensions, tie a ponytail around the crown with an hair tie. This gives an edgy look. You can accessorize by adding leather bands close to your hair tie/elastic bands. Ah, it's time to flaunt your confidence with this hairstyle.
Braided Ponytail
These days, the youth is obsessed withInfinity Braids. Luckily, for girls with thin and short hair, there are these elegant braided extensions. Just tuck in one, maybe 16" long, and let loose a tail at the end. This looks extremely cute on blonde hair.
Geeky Side Ponytail
Use 18" - 22" real hair extensions. Secure your tresses from the nape, and drape your ponytail on one of your shoulders (the side you've set your hairstyle).
Messy Bombshell
A rule of thumb is the messier a ponytail, the sexier it looks! Clip-in extensions are easiest to use without a doubt, but to keep it in place, tease your hair. Mess them up. Flip your head, backcomb the hair, and rock with a high, rumpled ponytail.
Ponytail Semblance
This is a half-up, half-down style; rock a ponytail that's parted over your shoulders. Simply pull the front of your hair, and tie them like a pony, and conceal with clip-in extensions. You can use bobby pins to keep it from unraveling. Let your hair strands linger on your shoulders. A happening take on faux pony!
Ponytail with Clip-in Fringe (Wavy Bangs)
If you don't have bangs, but are curious to get that look, try experimenting with a fringe that isn't bluntly cut―the one that has longer pieces on the left and right is very much in vogue. This shape will blend in better with your natural hair. For getting wavy bangs, you can use a curling iron to create waves, before tying your hair up.
Short Hair Extensions
Ladies, don't worry if your hair is short. We have some great ideas for you too. True, it is hard to blend hair extensions with your natural locks. So, we recommend choosing the extension length that isn't too long and goes with your own growing hair. Hence, we suggest to get either the 12-14" or 16-18" long extensions. These will give you just the right amount of length. Tuck in a regular ponytail, wrapping all your hair tight.
It's important to learn placing extensions the right way. Try doing it prior to final events. It may take time, but you'll surely rock in it, once you get the hang of it. Happy styling!