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Use These Ways to Curl Your Hair and Save That Trip to the Salon

Ways to Curl Hair
This article provides various ways in which you can curl your hair without having to go to the salon.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
So, many people desire curly full looking hair. However, not everybody has naturally curly hair. Also, people who have very curly hair, like Afro hair, want to get softer looking curls. Hence, many people follow some perms for curly hair which are permanent hair techniques to get their hair type changed. However, perming on a regular basis or on thin fine hair, can be very damaging. If you wish to avoid perming your hair, then try out some natural methods for the same.
Using Hot Iron: Using curling iron to style your hair wavy or curly is pretty easy. To learn how to do it, use these steps. Apply loads of hair serum on the hair, and then roll the hair around the iron, and hot iron them. Using curling iron can be damaging to hair, so you can use other ways which are mentioned below.
Using Rags: Using rags is more comfortable than rollers. And they produce the same effect like that of pin curls. However, using rags to curl hair is a better idea, as they are more comfortable to sleep with.
Using Pins: Pin curls are popular as traditional curling techniques. In this method, the hair strand is rolled and set near the scalp, and bobby pins are placed to secure these curls. This is a curl hair overnight technique, but if you want to speed up you can use a hooded dryer.
Using Rollers: This method is time-consuming and a bit difficult to do, so use the help of a friend. Select the right size of rollers, and then set your hair in them and leave them overnight.
Using Foam Rollers: If you find creating curly hairstyles painful, then consider using foam rollers. As sleeping with them is more comfortable, also they are gentle on the hair.
Using Sea Salt Spray (or Similar Product): Just wet your hair and apply a sea salt spray or curling hair serum or mousse on wet hair, then scrunch your hair and let the hair dry, you will get beach wavy hair. For curling the hair, on wet hair apply the product, twist your hair strand in finger and blow dry to create a curly lock
By Braiding: To create fine curls, you can use this natural way. Apply a curling hair serum on wet hair, then section your hair into four equal sections, and make braids. Let the braids dry, then loosen up your hair and check.
Using Hair Sticks: Hair sticks work similar to using hair rollers. Roll your hair around the sticks and let the hair curl overnight. Make sure to use a good amount of hair cream before setting up hair sticks.
By Creating Knots: Tying knots hair curling techniques is difficult, but can be used if you don't have any equipment to curl your hair. So, carefully separate hair into various hair sections, and tie knots.
Using Foil: This is a less damaging technique. Take a strand of hair, and cover it in foil, then twist and secure in on the head with pins. This way work on all the hair, and then dry your hair.
Following any of the aforementioned methods might prove beneficial, to transform your hair into gorgeous-looking curly locks.
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