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Classically Alluring Vintage Hairstyles That Prove Old is Gold

Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 29, 2019
Vintage hairstyles are easy and can be tried at home. Here are some steps for top reverse rolls, the vintage updo and the pompadour.
There are many different ways to style your hair, but vintage hairstyles are the most in vogue now. With celebrities like Katie Perry, Dita Von Teese, and Taylor Swift wearing their hair in vintage styles on the red carpet, you can now see everyone sporting them.
Whether you love the 1920s flapper style or an updo with pin curls, there are many ways that you can recreate these hairstyles at home.
All you need is a good curling iron, ceramic hair straightener, blow dryer, and plenty of time and patience. These styles go well with long evening gowns and vintage lace dresses.

Top Reverse Rolls

You need to wash and condition your hair a day before with a volumizing shampoo and a curl enhancing conditioner. Next, curl your hair in medium-sized sections with a curling iron, making sure that all the curls are directed away from your face.
Also see to it that the curls are not too tight and narrow, but have body and movement to them. Now, part your hair into two equal parts, from the front to back. Take a small rectangular section of hair from your crown and brush this section forward. Roll this section with a paddle brush, creating volume at the top of your head.
Make sure that you do this loosely, with the ends of your hair hidden inside the roll. Pin the roll down with bobby pins in a crisscross fashion. Leave the rest of your hair curled loosely around your face. This is one of the classic 40s styles for medium hair.


This is great for a bad hair day. Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush and blow dryer. Next, loosely tie your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a black elastic band. Split the ponytail into two equal sections, and roll each section backwards towards your scalp. If your hair is too silky, you can use a light mousse for more holding power.
Once you reach the elastic band of the ponytail, gently pin the two rolls down with bobby pins. A beautiful comb or any other glittery hair accessory can also be used to hold your hair in place. A bit of hairspray over the back will keep your hair in place for a longer time. This style is very glamorous and easy to master.


The pompadour is a classic for long hair. Wash your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo and condition it with a shine enhancing conditioner. Now, take a section from the crown and hold it straight up. Back comb this section of hair with a fine-toothed comb, starting from the middle of the hair towards the scalp.
When you have sufficient height at the crown, pin this section down with bobby pins. Then take another section of hair from the front and smooth it over the pouf and pin it in place. Secure the rest of your hair in a low ponytail or leave it loose. This is one of the best 1940s styles for women.
Finger wave hair with a 1920s flapper dress will look great at a party. These vintage looks require some time to master, but once you know the basic techniques you can create any retro style you want.