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12 Shag Layered Haircuts That You Will Go Crazy For

Shag Layered Haircuts
Shag-layered hairstyles epitomize people who are fun to be with and have a confident approach towards life. Here are some details about various shag layered hairstyles for you to choose from.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Today's trends in haircuts range from the really bizarre to the highly sophisticated styles. Earlier, Rapunzel-like long tresses were a must for a woman. However, the trends have surely changed with time. From short and sleek hair to long curls, men as well as women have now started experimenting to stay tuned to the latest fashion trends. In recent times, short and trendy haircuts have become very popular, especially amongst youngsters. This is owing to the fact that shorter cuts and styles are easier to manage.
A look at the current fashion trends would reveal the popularity of various shag-layered haircuts. These are very modern in their look, and at the same time, not too difficult to manage either. Many people who have naturally curly hair, prefer to straighten it first because a shag-layered cut is more visible on straight hair. The basic look of a shag-layered hairstyle is usually perceived as tousled hair, but with an interesting element of style.
This kind of a hairdo brings about a carefree look, yet, it is considered one which has a sleek appearance. It is known to add definition to the face. Layers can work wonders for all kinds of hair, if done by a professional. They can make thin hair look voluminous, as well as reduce the definition from very thick hair. The shaggy look has also become a favorite amongst many stars like Meg Ryan, Jessica Biel, and Mick Jagger. There is a twist in the way the hair is styled. One would definitely need to use gel to be able to maintain this unique style according to the texture of the hair.
Shaggy Styles for Different Hair Lengths
This carefree and messy look would suit people who have a great attitude and are confident about themselves. The beauty of the shag-layered haircuts is that they suit any hair length as well as various face shapes. However, the layers must be styled accordingly to suit the hair length as well as the shape of the face. Therefore, before going in for layered shag hairstyles, you will need to consider the length of the hair.
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Use more layering towards the front area of the face.
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Style the layers in such a way that they fall gently around your face.
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You can enhance the hairstyle further by adding highlights to the layers as well.
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Guys can also opt for this hairstyle with ease. In this case, lessen the layers at the back.
For Medium Length Hair...
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Medium length hair allows for more scope of experimentation with varied shaggy layers.
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If you are looking to increase the volume of the hair, you can go in for layers.
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On the other hand, if you have thick hair and wish to achieve a slightly toned-down look, you can opt for lesser layers.
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For Long Hair...
For long hair, it is better to avoid too many layers.
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You can add more details to the haircut with the help of color.
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Use hair-streaking methods or color the tips of the strands if you are on the lookout for something different.
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Ask your stylist to use a razor that would add some texture to the hair.
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Wavy and long hair is also suitable for shag layered haircuts.
Use gel to create different styles, particularly to the strands that are towards the front area of your face. Avoid frizz with the help of hair conditioners, that will nourish your hair from the root.
The next time you want to try something different for your hair that is also easy on maintenance, you can definitely go in for a shag layered haircut. These are bound to make you stand out in the crowd.
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