Unique Hairstyles

Reinvent Your Style With These Bold and Unique Hairstyles

Paris Hilton has very rightly said, "Life is too short to blend in!" and we couldn't agree more. Layers, steps, pixies, waves, and bangs are passé and too mainstream. Yes, we are talking about hairstyles. If you want to talk 'unique', say hello to punk, gothic, emo, and mohawks. This article is a brief introduction to the same.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
This article is all about being unique, and not out of place or hap hazard. It contains information about many kinds of hairstyles, but you need to opt for one that suits your face type, hair texture, and personality. You don't want to end up looking funny or weird. Talk to your hairdresser who may be able to guide you and help you decide which one will suit you best.
Scene Hairstyles
These are meant for people with long or short hair that is straight. These are extremely bold. You can manage this hairstyle the way you want, which is its biggest USP. If you have curly hair, then you need to straighten them first and then style it. You can take inspiration from rock, indie, metal, retro, or classic artists. Most of them bear the best examples of scene hair. It is important for you to be aware of the color ideas, since colors play the key role, in making it unique. Talking about the hair colors, huge contrast, stunning color combination, chunky hair highlights and recognizable lowlights work best for this hairstyle.
Punk Hairstyles
There are three important features of this hairstyle, namely, the color, haircut, and the style that you want to flaunt. It is mandatory for you to use unusual and unique hair colors, like bright pinks, reds, greens, yellows, metallic blues, and stark whites. You can use these colors as highlights, lowlights, in stripes, strands, designs, or the way you want to color them, in order to make it unique. There are various hairstyles that have been categorized as punk, including the fanned hairstyles, Liberty Spikes, Beaver, Skinhead, Shag hairstyles, Skater Cut, etc.
Gothic Hairstyles
These are categorized as punk, since they are very popular with the punks. They are all about stark color differences and dark dyes. You can dye your entire mane in jet black, brunette, or other colors like dusty red, light brown, light purple, etc. You don't necessarily need a unique haircut, but styling is the key to flaunt a Gothic hairstyle. You can straighten your hair, add a number of curls and ringlets, or try some ancient looks like that of the Victorians and Elizabethans. Make sure it is mysterious and romantic. You can try various updos, like a messy bun or beehive.
Emo Hairstyles
The discussion can never be complete without mentioning emo hairstyles. According to the "Emo" people, these hairstyles bring out the deepest emotion of the wearer and hence they also find them to be the biggest sort of self expression. These are textured hairstyles that deal with asymmetrical haircuts, choppy layers, loads of spikes, long hairstyles with bangs, and contrasting lengths and deep and rich colors. Deep brunette, jet black, black hair with white and/or brown highlights, etc., are some of the characteristics of the emo hairstyles. The word 'emo' stands for 'emotional', hence, anything that has something to do with your deepest emotions must reflect through your hairstyle.
Mohawk Hairstyles
These can also be categorized as punk, but, since there are various types of Mohawk hairstyles for men and women, I am describing them as a totally different style. You will need to shave off the sides of your head and maintain a band of hair only on the middle part. Some of the most popular styles in this category for both, women and men, are - the liberty spikes, slant hawks, bi-hawks, dread hawks, fanned hawks, 270 degree hawks, etc. The fade haircuts and the hi-top hairstyles are some other styles you may want to try. Once you get the Mohawk, it is important to set the hair with mousse and hair styling gel.
Before you make a decision, think and rethink. If you are a college-going student or are working in a creative field, then it is not a problem. But, if you are still in school or are an employee of the corporate sector, then these hairstyles might not be an appropriate choice.
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