Trendy Hairstyles for Women

Check Out These Trendy Hairstyles for Women and Choose the Best

The way you sport your hair enhances your beauty, and makes you look more attractive. So, whenever you want a trendy look, the easiest thing to do is change your hairstyle. This HairGlamourista article gives you some trendy hairstyles for women.
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Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Women are the luckiest creatures on earth when it comes to having choices for a haircut, isn't that right? However, one of the most crucial aspect of choosing any particular hairstyle has always been the face type, regardless of the ongoing trend of the time.

The first thing you need to do before you pick your hairstyle is to know and understand your face type and shape. For instance, almost all hairdos suit an oval-shaped face, and medium-length or short hair are ideal for an oblong-shaped face. For a square-shaped face, a medium length is good.

If you'd prefer a feminine and trendy look for yourself, you might keep the length either long, or medium with layers at its ends. If you want your confident and sporty attitude to reflect in your hairdo, you can chop your tresses off for a more rugged, edgy, sporty look.
Short Hairstyles for Women
❋ Today, many working women prefer to have a short haircut, since it is relatively easy to manage as compared to long hair. The mushroom style haircut is among the most trendy and easy haircuts for women presently.
The mushroom haircut
The Mushroom Haircut
❋ In this style, the hair on the sides and the back of the head is cut short. The length of the hair at the front is kept shorter than that of the back. Apparently, it looks as if a bowl has been placed on the head and all the hair that is visible cut.
❋ For this reason, it is also known by many other names like the bowl cut, beach cut pot cut, etc. The length of the hair at the forehead is shorter than that at the back. This looks really nice when you wear vibrant clothes with it.
❋ The short bob haircut is also one of the most trendy hairstyles for women. It has a sleekness and sophistication of its own, and will suit women of any age group. The latest trend in this style is to start the bob cut from below the ears. A thin fringe or bang will make the bob look even more fashionable.
A chic bob
A Chic Bob
❋ The punk style is another short hairstyle which is highly popular particularly among college students. Hair colors with soft shades like pink or yellow will further add up to the style. The most important thing required to carry a punk haircut is the right attitude. It will suit you well only if you have a sporty attitude.
Punk hairstyle
Punk It Up!
Hairstyles with Bangs
❋ Bangs are extremely popular these days since you do not have to change the length of your hair, and yet get a trendy look. The biggest advantage of bangs is that it suits all hair lengths.
❋ Bangs give extra importance to the most prominent features of your face. Bangs are of a variety of types- side bangs, angular bangs, round bangs, side-swept bangs, etc. The shape of the face is kept in mind while making them, as each variety suits a different face type.
Side sweeping bangs
Side-sweeping Bangs
❋ A thin and straight side bang will highlight the eyes of a woman. Hence, women with big eyes will look beautiful with their locks cut this way. Those with small eyes should opt for short bangs with an oblique cut to it.
Short light bangs
Short, Light Bangs
❋ The high forehead of a woman can be hidden with the help of sweeping side bangs. On a small forehead, long bangs look very stylish. If you have a square or round-shaped face, you can sport angular bangs.
Long round bangs
Long, Round Bangs
❋ For any special events for the evenings, updo hairstyle with bangs is a popular trend. The entire hair is pulled back and tied with the bangs falling on the face. This provides a new dimension to the contour of your face. You must have seen many celebrities in various recent occasions sporting this kind of hairstyle.
The best part about trendy hairstyles especially in the case of women is that they keep changing. Thus, it gives you a lot of scope to experiment with your hair. Once you get a chic hairstyle for yourself, it is very important to maintain it by regular shampooing and proper conditioning. As and when required, trim it to keep the hairstyle in proper shape.
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