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You'll Be Tempted to Try These Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces

Trendy Hairstyles for Round Faces
There are a lot of trendy hairstyles for round faces, which you can try out. To get to know more about them, read the following article.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
People with round face have fullness near the chin and below the cheekbones, which makes them bear a kind of 'invisible' chin and neck. This thing makes it hard for them to implement some good trendy haircut styles and ideas for the round faced people. But let me assure you that it is not impossible to find out the best hairstyles for round face shapes. The key is to search for the ones that can accentuate the wide hairline and hide the odd width of a round face. Keeping this equation in mind, you will find numerous trendy hairstyles for round faces.
List of Hairstyle Ideas
First of all, there is no such thing as ideal hairstyles. Once you get to know what features of the round face should be highlighted, you can try various styles for your hair. In case of round faces, you should opt for the haircuts that provide volume at the crown or the top of the head and less bulky locks at the sides of the face. This is where the idea of having short hairstyles for round faces came from. Hence, you should strictly refrain from styles with full side locks. If you bear curly hair, then you should try layering the hair, in order to manage their volume at the sides of the face. The exact idea is to create angled fringe areas, rather than emphasizing the sides of your face.
Short Pixie Cut with Bangs
Short pixie cut with bangs
As the name suggests, short pixie haircut is the modified version of the regular pixie cut. Pixie cut is a great option. In this haircut, the hair is cut short and it's styles in such a way that it lies near to the scalp, at the top of the head. The bangs are cut in curvy lines, which are then jagged in order to create an asymmetrical look. If you bear wavy or slightly curly hair, you can surely opt for this. You can modify it even more with side parting and adding razor cut wedge-shaped bangs at the crown. It will create illusion of an oval face shape, hiding width of the round face.
A-Line Bob with Wedge Cut
A-line bob with wedge cut
This is a unique haircut for round faces. It concentrates on off centered partition and totally asymmetrical length of your hair locks. It is all about a basic wedge cut at the back of the head and an A-line bob haircut at the front. To style the hair more, it is cut with razor for that softer look with long fringes, which frame only one side of the face. This asymmetry actually creates the magic and provides an elongated look to your hair and balances asymmetrical facial features as well. You can opt for this hairstyle if you bear straight or slightly wavy hair.
Blunt Cut with Angled Fringe
Blunt cut with angled fringe
This is one of the cool hairstyles with bangs. This is one of the best ones for medium-length hair and round face shapes, which can also be tried with long hair. This haircut concentrates on the basic blunt cut but with more layering around the face. An angled parting or the off centered partition actually highlights your eyes, rather than the chin. The side-swept bangs offer a softer look and provide angle to the round faces. You can opt for this in case you bear wide-set or close-set eyes and longer nose. Outward setting of the hair with inwardly set bangs look great and really trendy!
Long Layers with Bangs
Long layers with bangs
Long layered hairstyles with bangs are the best hairstyles for round faces. Long layers create illusion of volume at the top of the head, while the length reduces volume at the side of the face. Layered hairstyles with wispy bangs with an off centered partition is a great idea to try for round face shapes. Long layered hairstyles with bangs suit any kind of hair from curly and wavy to the straight hair. However, if you bear thick wavy or thick curly and long hair, then you should certainly opt for this hairstyle. Make it a point to avoid the straight choppy bangs.
There are a few norms when it comes to selecting one of the trendy hairstyles for round faces. The most important of them all is, to avoid all chin-length hairstyles and center partition. For a more stunning look, you can think about adding lowlights for hair at the side and light highlights at the crown. Well, this was all that I could tell you about the best cuts and styles for women with round faces! Hope the article above was found helpful!