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Trendy Hairstyles for Girls That Look Exceptionally Attractive

Trendy Hairstyles for Girls
It's amazing what a haircut can do to one's features; it can transform the way you look and feel, instantly. You're more self-assured and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Don't choose a haircut that's too old-fashioned, where the ideas presented here on trendy hairstyles will leave you looking sharp, cool, and exceptionally attractive.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 2, 2018
Your hair is your best asset, where taking care of it should be a priority if you want luscious tresses that never fail to impress. For girls who hate their hair, it is important to note that it isn't just the products you use that will keep it healthy, but what you put into your body. One's diet plays a crucial role in determining the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Include a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals by eating a good portion of fruits, nuts, lean meat, and vegetables, and you'll eventually reap the benefits of following a salubrious diet.
In the meantime, take care of your hair by oiling (pure coconut oil) it every day and leaving it overnight, using a shampoo and conditioner that aids the problem your hair is facing (those with colored hair should use only color-care products), and not over-styling it. Also, using a good leave-in hair conditioner or serum to finish off your look, is advised. Let's take a look at a couple of trendy hairstyles that are sure to get you excited.
Orange pixie haircut
Curly dirty blond hair
Short curly hair
Low chignon hairstyle
Short hair with fringe
Multicolored highlighted hair
For Long Hair
Voluminous curly hair
If your hair falls past your shoulders, then you have enviable tresses, no doubt. But, it can get unmanageable if neglected or treated with a brutal approach like brushing it too often, excessively styling it, or leaving it open when it's windy. Hairstyles that best suited for you, are those that bring out your hair's best qualities. If you have tight curls, then opt for shoulder-length cut that accentuates them by allowing hair to oppose gravity and acquire some volume, thus making it look much healthier; for inspiration, take a look at Alicia Keys' short, curly hairdo.
Side swept hair
For extremely straight hair that falls flat, you want to add dimension to it; consider going for a hairstyle with feathered layers that gradually builds up as it descends from the crown of your head, to the ends of your hair strands. For unruly-looking hair, consider braiding your strands or learning how to style it in a way that doesn't cause damage to its already fragile state. Deep conditioning should be your new BFF.
For Medium-Length Hair
Modern bob haircut
For girls who have hair that falls to their shoulders and not beyond it, there's a lot that you can do. For starters, trimming your tresses will give it added volume and a polished finish after having to grow it out for months. For curly-haired girls, a quick trim to give it shape and definition will be enough to make it look trendy, but if you'd like to experiment with something new, have the hair stylist create an adjacent fringe, before straightening and styling it to fall across your forehead (sideways, not straight down).
Wavy highlighted hair
Add color to black curly hair, like light brown with a hint of gold, to bring out its beauty. Girls with straight hair can opt for a bob haircut by keeping hair the same length in the front, and using layers at the back to give it an edgy yet feminine look. Or you could use multiple layers that begin really short at the top, and longer at the bottom, to exude a retro, punk style that is more in tune with a modern-day look, by adding color highlights to your hair.
For Short Hair
Cool pixie haircut
If you already have short hair and want to cut it, we suggest doing a pixie haircut that will help you go back to a clean look, as opposed to that awkward growing-out stage your hair will be stuck in for a while.
Bob haircut
Have the stylist cut hair close to the roots at the back, or go all-military by shaving it only above the nape of the neck.
Side swept shaved pixie haircut
Color your hair in a soft brown hue, and then dye only the tips in a lighter color like blond or deep purple. It'll really turn your pixie cut into a futuristic look; very Lady Gaga.
Mohawk haircut
For curly hairdos, how about clipping the hair on the sides of your head, close to the roots, and leaving only the middle a little longer? It'll add a sort of mohawk finish to your hair, but not really going overboard, by keeping the curls at the center, short.