Extremely Cool and Easy to Manage Summer Hairstyles

Summer hairstyle - choppy layered
Looking for the perfect hairstyle this summer? You're definitely on the right page. Given below are some of the best summer hairstyles of 2015 for both men and women.
Interesting Tip

Adding color to a hairstyle immediately ups its style quotient. Think about experimenting with color this summer.

Come summer and every girl pretty much switches over to a panic mode about her clothes and the perfect hairstyle for the season. While the options for comfortable outfits in the summer are plenty, a chic yet convenient hairstyle is difficult to decide. Ladies, there really is no reason to fret. We at Buzzle are going to give you a neatly wrapped piece on the varied hairstyles that you can try this summer.

And of course we haven't forgotten about the guys. There's a great collection for them as well. So ready when you are, simply peruse through this list of cool and chic hairstyle ideas to keep you looking stylish this summer.

Hairstyles to Flaunt this Summer

For the Ladies

If we could manage it, we would probably opt for the bald look all summer, what with all those soaring temperatures. But, we won't be doing that. What's the next best thing then? Go in for a summer-friendly cut, of course. Given below are some of the best summer cuts.

Side Swept Bob

Side swept colored bob

How chic is this cut, right? Not only does it bring in all kinds of oohs and aahs from the onlookers, but the kind of comfort that it provides for can't really be paralleled by much else. It's short enough to fall neatly way over the shoulders, and long enough to flaunt the silky smoothness. As if this wasn't enough, there are so many variations that can be done with this simple style―keep the bangs, color them bold, crump the sides. You name it and it's there. This bob suits most face cuts and hair types, no wonder it's a style that hardly goes out of style.

Choppy Layered Cut

Choppy layer haircut

There's something about messy hair that's just so right. What does it say of the person? Oh just that they have a carefree, no fuss no muss side to them. This one plays on the length too, but does it without the usual prim and proper affair or perfectly styled hair. This, on the other hand, revels in the messy, choppy layers. The layers of course give it all the volume and life it needs and the color just adds a little more highlights to the already beautiful cut. Variations include mixing it up with a fringe or a side swept look.

The Pixie Cut

Pixie haircut

Sophisticated with an edgy feel best describes the pixie cut. In spite of being a short crop, the pixie maintains the right feminine touch. It draws attention to your face and especially the eyes in addition to your jawline. Anybody can go in for this style, no matter what their face structure, or the texture and color of their hair. If you have long tresses, getting a pixie may seem too drastic, but the result will be worth it. Granted that it is a bold look, but what makes it worth it is the fact that it requires very less maintenance. And the length is simply perfect for the summer.


Bun braid hair

Braids are the perfect option for a cute and fun look. They have been an old favorite of girls all over the world. However, braiding today is not limited to the traditional plait. You can try the French or fishtail braid. Or you can also braid a small section of your hair in the front and pin it up at the back. Keep the braid neat and tight or give it a messy look and keep it loose. Depending on what you are wearing, experiment with classic plaits for a back-to-school feel. It is one of the best options to keep your hair off the face and neck in this sultry weather.

The Multi-Faceted Ponytail

Low ponytail

When we say ponytails, we don't mean the simple bunching up of hair in a clip or a rubber band. Nope. We mean ponytails with a twist. This summer, why not bring in a whole new twist(s) to this commonly, simplistic hairstyle? What are we talking about? Try the high ponytail with gelled hair or a back combed hair effect, or the messy hair left loose even. Women even go in for the crumpled and ironed look. And if a high ponytail is not really your thing, then how about a low ponytail hanging loosely over one shoulder? Or the mermaid ponytail? Or the side tail with a few strands hanging loosely? To add a more girly touch, wear a hairband.

The Bun

Fancy bun with Accessories

Buns are so versatile in the styles that they have to offer. From an elegant look for the evening to a messy bun on a lazy summer afternoon, the options are plenty. Those blessed with naturally long hair will find it easier to experiment with this look. However, for people with medium or short hair length, hair extensions are the answer. Use two hairstyles together and try the braided bun. Tie a high bun or one close to the neck or even a bun towards the side; you will never get bored of it. What's more, there are plenty of accessories that can be used for adorning the hair and give it all the style that it needs.

For the Men

You'd think that men have it really simple. So not true. There's so much that the industry has to offer, you'd be surprised. Given below are some of the hairstyles perfect for the summer.

The Buzz Haircut

Buzz haircut

Arguably the most summer-compatible hairstyle, the buzz cut is perfect for the lack of hair it brings to the table. This zero trouble cut goes a long way in not only providing comfort, but because there is almost no maintenance involved, it's a favorite among men. While many prefer the zero cut buzz, there are others who experiment with the length and add variations like a crew cut, or a buzz style on the rear side of the head.

The Fringe Cut

Fringes cut

The fringe cut brings in a little style where it is due, don't you think? And if you can pull of a look like the image above, please oh please, go in for this one. It has all the comforts you need for the summer―what with it being short and all. And then there is always the option of bringing in styles. To get the perfect look, style your hair with gel and then crump your front hair to let it settle over your forehead, ever so lightly. Hello.

The Sleek and Suave Cut

Sleek back hair

This particular styling of hair is bound to get the heads turning in your direction. That's the beauty of this cut, all you do is get a regular trimming and then simply sleek back your hair with gel―tada! Perfection. Not only does it keep the hair off your face, but it also brings forth one stylish gentlemen. Perfect for the business world, this style is here to stay.

The Curly & Wavy Combo

Loose curly waves

If there's anything that the ladies find absolutely charming, it is a man who has a full head of curly waves just begging to be touched. If you are in fact blessed with wavy or curly hair, simply cut it at an appropriate length and wait for it to create a stir. If you don't have naturally curly hair, you can use gel and tousle the hair into an interesting mess, then let it casually get you sneaky glances and wide smiles.

With the temperatures soaring, no one wants a hairstyle that will get messy in the heat. Which is why, we have chosen these hairstyles especially for you to experiment with this summer. These are all easy to manage and yet extremely chic. Go ahead then people, pick one and enjoy a carefree summer.