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Simple Steps to Tease Thin Hair That are Definitely Worth a Try

Steps to Tease Thin Hair
Teasing hair is quite in vogue today, as it is not only stylish but also easy to sport. This hairstyle uplifts the volume of thin hair and is worth a try. We have tried to explain the steps of teasing thin hair in this article.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2018
Teased hair gained popularity during the 1950s, when celebrities flaunted a typical puff style with their hair. Also known as the beehive style, this hairdo was achieved by combing the hair backwards to create a puff, preferably at the crown. It was a trend at that time but women who had thin hair sported this hairstyle for the purpose of adding volume to their hair. Teased hairstyles have become fashionable today and women of all age groups are fond of it due to its chic and stylish appeal.
Sleek and straight hair or hairstyles, at times, do not complement when the volume of your hair is considerably less. You try numerous techniques to volumize it, yet something impedes the perfect hairdo. Being unaware of the right hair teasing techniques, your fail to get the hairstyle that you are wanting to wear.
How to Tease Thin Hair
We shall emphasize on the products that are required to tease thin hair. The shampoos, gels, mousses and sprays you choose should not leave your hair oily, or else your efforts will go in vain. The following steps will help you in understanding the process.
Step 1
hair wash
No matter if you have curly hair or straight hair, you must wash your hair with a quality shampoo and remove any tangles. Go for temporary straightening if your hair is curly. Opt for hair volumizing products capable of making your hair look full and dense. You can apply a conditioner if your hair has a rough texture.
hair dry
Dry your hair mildly with a blower. Since your hair is thin, you can pamper it with mousse and spray after drying. This helps in managing your hair better when you begin backcombing it.
Step 2
sectioing of hair
Once your hair has dried completely, you can start sectioning it. The most common teasing process is to cluster a bunch of hair and comb it backwards. Take a moderately thick bristled brush and comb your hair.
hair dryer
Blow your hair from the tip to the roots as you brush them towards your crown. Also blow dry your hair from the back to acquire a uniform volume. You will observe that your hair looks comparatively more voluminous than it actually is.
Step 3
Determine the hairdo before teasing your hair. If you want the puff exactly at the center of your crown, then you must start with the frontal tresses. Tease your hair with the comb and take it backward.
Separate rest of the strands from the teased sections with the help of clips. Make sure that each strand is uniformly teased to avoid partitions in between the puffed hair. You can blow the teased strands once again with a hair dryer for a better look.
Step 4
Clip it on the back to secure the puff. If you know the basic process of teasing, you can easily try varied hairstyles for thin hair.
You can let the fringes loose on your temple or keep the side bangs loose. In such hairstyles, the portion of hair at the center of the crown is teased and pulled backward to form the puff. Comb your hair thoroughly from the tip to the roots and clutch it backwards. You can also use a rat tailed comb for managing your hair.
Set your own style by enamoring your hair with fancy beads and trendy clips. I'm sure this hairstyle will ideally enhance the volume and overall appearance of your hair.