How To Dye Your Hair Pink

Jazz Up Your Looks By Learning How to Dye Your Hair Pink

It's time to move on from the boring blacks, browns, or blondes, it's time to experiment and jazz up your hair! Know all about dying hair with fun, unnatural colors like pink, blue, orange, and more!
I have pink hair.

Now that we've got that out of the way, if you're reading this I can assume that you at least have some interest in dying your hair a color beyond the natural spectrum of human hair pigments. Whether you want to go hot pink, fire engine red, or sky blue, you'll find it's easier than you might expect.

In just a few simple, easy-to-follow steps, you can turn that boring blonde or black into a fantastically bright yellow or fuchsia in a matter of hours!

Step One - Bleach
Unfortunately, if you want to have striking colored hair, you will have to bleach it. Even those of us with naturally blonde hair will find that the color will take much better on bleached hair.

Yes, it will damage your hair, but there's no avoiding it. My philosophy, however, is that your hair does grow back; so dye now and worry later! Plus, most of the dyes used to achieve unnatural colors act almost like a deep conditioning treatment, combating the damage caused by the bleaching.

If you really don't want to bleach don't expect to get the brightest results, unless you're a natural blonde. If you have black hair, you have no option but to bleach. Keep this in mind when you make your decision.

So, apply the bleach, let it set until your hair has lightened enough, and rinse. Follow the directions on your bleaching kit carefully so as to not harm yourself with these harsh chemicals.

Step Two - Apply the Dye
Be very liberal in your application; the more you use, the better coverage you're going to get. Make sure you cover the roots, tips, and hairline especially well. Mistakes are by far the most noticeable in these areas.

Use a comb or brush to spread the color throughout your hair if you find it difficult to do with your hands. I highly recommend wearing gloves during application because these dyes have a tendency to stain the hands and fingernails. They'll stain just about anything, really, so dye with caution!!

Step Three - Sit
Now it's time for the fun part! Sitting and waiting for the dye to take, can be pretty boring, I admit. Keep yourself occupied with a book, magazine, or a movie. How long do you have to sit like this? It depends on how hardcore you feel like being.

I recommend forty-five minutes to an hour as a minimum and more if your hair is very thick. The longer the dye sets, the brighter the color, and the stronger the staying power. Some people will wrap their hair in tin foil and shower caps, and let the dye take while they sleep at night. Personally, I think an hour or two should suffice if you've bleached your hair.

Optional Steps
Some claim that rinsing the hair with vinegar or using a blow dryer on your hair before rinsing can help the color take better, thereby making it last longer. The vinegar trick has something to do with pH levels, though personally I've never tried it. I have tried blow drying, and all I can say is that it couldn't hurt. Whether it helps or not, I'm unsure, but it's worth a shot.

Step Four - Rinse
Ahh, this will feel good!! Getting that gunk out of your hair so you can finally see how it turned out is the best part of the process. When you rinse, get your hair a little wet, lather like you are shampooing, and rinse all the dye out to the best of your ability.

Be sure you get all the dye out so you don't turn your towels funky colors! Though, be warned, this might occur no matter how much you rinse, so it's best you use an old towel.

And you're done! That's all there is to it! It's a simple process, but it'll give outstanding results. Your hair will be vibrant, exciting, and anything but ordinary!

But wait... what dye should I use and where do I get it?

Personally I recommend Manic Panic or Special Effects dyes. Beyond a doubt, they will give you the most satisfying results. Try shopping at Sally Beauty Supply or Hot Topic to find these dyes in a wide variety of colors. You can also find them at various stores online.

Best of luck, and remember, you only live once so spice it up a little! Dye your hair pink/blue/red/green/yellow today!!