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25 Sure Signs That You are Totally Obsessed With Your Hair

25 Signs That You are Totally Obsessed with Your Hair
Is your hair the object of your obsession? Well, if you totally love your hair and always look for new ways to style it, if you are too worried about hair problems and too picky about hair care products, we must tell you; probably, you are obsessed with your hair.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019
"I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser." ― Joan Crawford
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People with an obsession for their hair consider it to be their greatest asset. No matter what it takes or how much money is spent on hair styling and care, they are ready to do anything to preserve the beauty of their hair. When it comes to haircuts or hair maintenance, they go to hairsplitting details.
They may surprise their friends with a new hairstyle every time, and willingly give hair styling and care tips to anyone they meet. Are you one of them?
Well, it's absolutely fine to adore your hair and maintain it well. It's also cool to style it in ways that make you look all the more beautiful and it's great to flaunt it with confidence. But obsession? Go through this list of tell-tale signs of obsession with your hair.
Signs that You are Obsessed With Your Hair
✦ You have the habit of touching or tossing your hair every now and then. You always think about your hair and its care.

✦ The first thing you check on looking in the mirror is your hair.

✦ You are always on the lookout for information about the latest hair care products.
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✦ You are updated about the hairstyles of your favorite celebrities and you like to find different ways to cut or style your hair.

✦ You really feel for your hair. You treat it almost like a person close to you.

✦ You love trying out different hair care products or homemade preparations to make your hair look better.
✦ You like giving unsolicited advice regarding hair. You are never tired of telling people why hair care is important and how hair can be made to look beautiful.

✦ You are very particular, rather picky, about choosing hair care products. You know exactly which one to choose for what purpose.
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✦ You spend insane amounts of money on hair products.

✦ Combs and mirrors are your best friends. You always carry them with you.

✦ For you, there is nothing more awful than seeing your hair fall.

✦ You can spend hours on the Internet looking at different hairstyles.
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✦ You know which hairstyle best suits a particular occasion, and which hairstyle can look good with what kind of clothing and makeup.

✦ You can spend hours practicing the styles on yourself. If only you had an extra pair of hands.

✦ Topics related to hair are always a part of your conversations with friends or colleagues.
Woman trying out hairstyles
✦ You maintain a strict routine of oiling, shampooing, and conditioning your hair.

✦ Before going out, you always make sure that everything is fine with your hair. It's your well-maintained and beautiful hair that gives you confidence.

✦ You dislike sharing your combs with others for the fear of getting lice, dandruff, or other hair problems.
✦ You don't like it when someone touches your hair.

✦ You do not like shampooing your hair too much as you worry about hair damage.

✦ It takes you a lot of time to style or prepare your hair before stepping out, as you always want it to look perfect.
Woman irritated with hair fall
✦ Wherever you go, you carry an umbrella with you to save your hair from the rains. You don't like it when your hair gets wet.

✦ Your bathroom or the cabinet where you have stored your hair products is very precious to you.

✦ You are friends with your hairstylist.
✦ You are the happiest when your hair looks good, as that is what matters to you the most.

These were some signs of obsession with hair. If you know of other indicators that hint at this obsession, do let us know.