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Awesome Shoulder Length Hairstyles With Layers

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Oct 24, 2018
Shoulder length hairstyles with layers suit many facial shapes and is a great hairstyle for formal and informal looks. Read on to know more on trendy layered haircuts.
Shoulder length hairstyles are for those trying to outgrow short hair and wish to revamp their look. For haircuts you have options like fringes, layers and flicks, that give your face a new look.
When you opt for shoulder length haircuts with layers, keep in mind that the texture of your hair plays an important role. Different hairstyles with layers look fabulous on different hair textures. If you have a thick, unruly hair then opt for shoulder length haircuts with layers that are longer on the top. This helps weighing down and smoothing out hair.
Shoulder length haircuts with layers for fine textured hair involve layers around the crown, adding volume. This cut suits thick straight hair and look great with a layer cut to frame the face.

Shoulder Length Haircuts with Layers

For a simple yet fun look that is easy to maintain, then try some of these different hairstyles with layers. You can try a shoulder length haircut with layers, known as a flow down haircut. It is exactly as the name suggests; just cut hair with flow-y layers and add a fringe (for wide foreheads) or part it with waves, ringlets, or curls at the end.
The flow down hairstyle works well for African-American women, and those with curly hair. Straight hair can use this style to accentuate layers, while adding volume and depth to the overall haircut.
A medium-length bob is for shoulder length hair. Add a fringe and infuse the hair with long layers with very light ones that will add to its fullness. Cut the layers 2 inches from the bottom of hair and create a flip style.
Medium length hairstyles with layers look great on most face shapes. For those who have heart-shaped faces, opt for layers that make your face look fuller towards the bottom. Angular faces should opt for layered hairstyles that make one's features look soft, while adding a little bounce to hair.
Layered medium length hair suit most face shapes. Layers for heart shaped faces make the face look big at the bottom while for angular faces, it softens the facial features, with little bouncy hair.
You can opt for a medium-length haircut that is long and gradual. It helps in adding a lot of dimension to your look. The way the ends are tapered is important in finalizing the look for hairstyles with layers. The symmetrical, jagged or angled ends affect the look and the way it adheres to the face and shoulders.
When the top layer is kept full length, it smoothens the hair. If cut at varied lengths, it adds style and volume. More the number of layers, bigger the volume, but it is hard to manage. so using styling products of trusted brands and not cheap alternatives is essential. If you have curly hair, it will lead to unruly waves resulting in tangles.
Women with curly hair, must try gradual layers falling from the top of the head to the shoulders, helping it impart a curly style. Also, they will be less prone to frizz. Those with fine hair can opt for ear-length layers, adding volume to already fine hair. Women with straight hair can try layers with a 'shag' style to it, since layers are more prominent.
Remember that it is difficult to manage layered haircuts for shoulder length hair, as the layers quickly outgrow the original length.
These haircuts with layers tend to last for about eight weeks without constant trimming. Number of trims required depends on the number of layers. Ensure you condition your hair regularly to maintain these layers.
They also help prevent split ends and hair damage. Use hair care products like volumizing cream or spray to keep the layers in place. Do not style your hair heavily with hair care products, since this can weigh down hair unnecessarily.
You can always add some funky hair accessories and embellishments to your layered hairstyle. Hair bands add a feminine touch to it, especially if worn around the forehead, hippie style.
You can always opt for two tone hair color or add color highlights to accentuate your haircut's layers.
You should follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water to keep hair healthy, shiny, and strong. Ask your hair stylist about the different shoulder length hairstyles that will turn your hair into a one-of-a-kind result.