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Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short Wavy Hairstyles That You'll Want to Don Right Now

Short wavy hairstyles are popular amongst people of all age groups. This write-up provides a few trendy hairstyling ideas for men and women.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018
Wavy hair is a very versatile hair texture. Though a lot can be done with long hair in terms of styling, there's a wide range of options for women who want a short, wavy hairdo. Over the years, several Hollywood celebrities have looked fantastic while sporting such hairstyles.
Young Woman
Pixie, bob, and shag are some of the styles that can jazz up your look. All you need to do is add layers, incorporate bangs, and get highlights, and most importantly, go to a good hairstylist.
For Women
Beauty portrait of woman
There's no dearth of styling options. You can try the messy waves, messy spiked waves, or the layered cut.
Mature Woman Smiling
For those who have a square, oblong, or oval face structure, layered haircuts look very elegant. You can also try the short crop cut.
A jaw-length bob cut is very popular these days. For the jaw length bob cut, hair at the back is cut short with layering at the front. You can also have the hair at the sides and at the back cut and textured using a razor.
Beautiful woman
Another good hairstyle would be to get textured layers throughout, while framing the top of your face by keeping long wispy bangs.
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You could have your tresses cut to one length and get short and long layers throughout your hair to add volume to your hair. Choppy layered haircuts with side swept bangs or fringe bang may also look great.
For Men
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Razored, wavy hair will certainly add to your sex appeal. Messy spiked waves look amazing on guys who have an oval or square face structure.
Allow your hair to grow out slightly past the jaw. The ends of the hair can then be cut and textured using a razor. Layering the hair in different lengths and long bangs that are swept to one side with a part on the side will make you look very cool.
Businessman Buttoning His Suit
Short tousled cut also looks great on men with wavy hair. The hair is kept longer at the top and shorter at the sides.
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Men with wavy hair can also carry bangs very well. You can also get uniform waves or jagged layers throughout for a natural look.
You don't need to have naturally wavy hair to sport these hairstyles. If you have always had straight hair, it's time to be different.