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Sassy Short Hair Styles for Women

Madhura Pandit Oct 23, 2018
A uber-cool short hairstyle can help you get an instant makeover. If you are bored with your regular hairstyle, try these trendy ideas.
Although Rapunzel's long tresses captivated her prince charming, today it is difficult to manage tresses like her. Short haircuts gained popularity by the birth of the classic bob in the 20s.
It gained glamor when Diana, Princess of Wales, sported short hair; or more recently, Victoria Beckham is seen wearing her hair short.
Earlier, short hairstyles were usually sported by busy businesswomen, but today, anyone can wear it for a bold and sporty look. Take a look at these ideas.

Classic Bob

It may be a cliché, but, the classic bob continues to be the best short hair style for women.
You can opt for an inverted bob with the edges styled to remain closer to the neck. The pob cut, with its asymmetrical twists, is also 'in'. It was first sported by Victoria Beckham and is still one of the most-asked-for haircuts in salons.


It is a hairstyle with hair cut very short, close to the sides and back of the head, but a bit longer on the top. You can even have variations in this hairstyle by having fringes or bangs of different lengths.
To create a sexier look, straighten the hair on top of your head and let them fall loose over one eye.

Short Shag

If you wish to have a cool and messed up look, a short shag is just for you. It has multiple uneven layers, with edges cut with a razor.
It is not a recommended hairstyle for curly hair as the hair tends to get frizzy and unmanageable. Women with long hair can also sport a shag hairstyle.

Curly Bob

You can have a curly or wavy bob with hair cut up to the chin and in level with the ear.
You can have them styled in waves or just leave them in natural curls. You can even have the ends upturned.To be more sporty, have them cut very short, just above your ear and see the difference in your look and personality.

Sedu Short Hairstyle

Sedu hair straightener or a flat iron is a woman's best friend in hair styling. You can have a perfect sedu hairstyle if you are ready to spend some more time in hair styling every morning.
Before having a sedu short hairstyle, you must have a perfect hairstyle that is suitable for your facial features and personality.
A pixie haircut is great for curly hair. But, you will have to use a hair spray regularly to maintain this hairstyle.
The Gamine hairstyle is also one of the latest short hairstyles that you can try.
Short African-American hairstyles have been recently made popular by celebrities like Rihanna. If you want something utterly crazy and adventurous, you can opt for the faux hawk (fohawk) unisex hairstyle.
A short hairstyle is easy to manage and care for. If you are thinking of getting a haircut, have it done by a trusted hairdresser.
Short hairstyles help give women a confident, super smart look.
It is also comfortable to have a short hairstyle in summer. With a little variation in your short hairstyle, you can change your look from sexy to adorable.