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Cute Short Two Strand Twists to Look Anew and Really Funky

Short Two Strand Twists
Two strand twists are cute looking hairstyle which look great on kids. But, they can also be seen worn by men and women. Here are some cool short two strand twists to style your hair...
Pragya T
Last Updated: May 17, 2018
One of the quickest and easiest hairstyle to create in thick, coarse and curly hair is the two strand twists style. This style is popular as black hairstyle. Short two strand twist are popular as kids' hairstyles too. To create two strand twist, wash the hair and then let it dry. Then comb the hair and apply loads of leave-in-conditioner on the hair. Then make small sections of hair. Make two equal strands in each section and then start twisting them around each other to form a braid like structure. Finally, secure the short twists with bands or clips. Yes, it is that simple! Here are some cool ideas of two strand twist hairstyles that you can try out.
Cute Two Strand Twists Hairstyles
Here are some pictures of two strand twists. Explained below, are how to create these great hairstyles. Click on the images to see them enlarged.
Side Parted Style
Side parted twist hairstyle
These are easy and pretty common styles for kids. To create this style simply side part the hair, then start making hair sections. Make a large section by taking the front hair on the larger side of the parting and clip it. This way make large sections all over the head. Make around 5 hair sections. Then start making twists with the hair sections. Once one section is done, use a rubber band to tie the twists.
Square Sectioned Style
Girl with square twists
This style looks cool and is quite easy to do. Also, this style works good on thick hair. So, start making medium-sized hair sections. Use a rat tail comb to make partings. Make square shaped partings. It is not possible to make square shaped partings all over the scalp, but still try to maintain consistency. Once done with parting the hair, start making twists, and secure the ends of the twists with rubber band.
Colorful Two Strands Style
Girl with twists colorful beads
It is possible to make some funky looking twists hairstyles. These colorful styles look very cute on girls. For these styles you will need a handful of colorful clips, preferably all of same size and design. Or you can alternatively use colorful thick rubber bands, or invisible rubber bands that have beads or flowers in them. As you can see in the above pictures different hair accessories are used to secure the hairstyle. Here is a picture of side parted twists which looks funky with colorful clips.
Simple Small Two-Strands
Long hair With twistsong hair with twists
To create this style first part the hair in the middle. Then start making small hair sections and start making twists out of them. It is important to make small hair sections, so that they can stay without rubber band. If you want you can apply loads of leave-in-conditioner or cream for styling and keeping the hair put. Make twists on both the sides of the parting and at the back of the head. Make twists in such a way that they hang naturally down. For this effect, avoid making the twists too tight.
Cornrows Combo Two Strands
Young african man with cornrows
Who says that two strand twist look good only on women? Men can also wear two strand twists in cool styles. Here is a combination style. The front hair are done in cornrows, so that the hair looks neat, and then the open hair is styled into twists.
These were the various two strand hairstyle ideas. You can also create your own two strand hairstyles. You can create half-twist and half-down styles, by making twist using the upper hair and let the half of the hair open. This will create a cool Afro hairstyle. Also, if you let the twists for a long time in your hair they will become dreadlocks. Cool, isn't it?