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Short Permed Hair

Are You Planning to Get Your Short Hair Permed? Check This Out

Short permed hair looks very cute, but you need to keep in mind your face structure and hair texture before you decide this is the look for you.
Marian K
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Short hair styles can give most people a face lift in a fraction at the cost (though the money you have to pay for a good cut is ludicrous). They can take off a few years, and leave you feeling light, energetic, with new lease on life. The best aspect about short hair is that (if cut well) is practically zero maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, the ways in which you can wear short hair are numerous, including asymmetrical, flipped in, layered, flipped out, curly, straight, or with bangs. The style you pick will depend on the outcome you wish to achieve; glamorous, sexy, cute, chic, or extreme. If you have short thin hair, perming may be a good option for you, as it looks very cute. If you want a mental picture, just think Meg Ryan in City of Angels.
Tips to Perm Short Hair
One suggestion is to get a loose perm if you have short hair, as it is less likely to weigh down, and open out the curls. The minimum length you need for this is about two inches below the jaw line. In most cases, loose perms tend to fall out a little, so they need to be done more often. However, the texture of your hair also plays a big part in how long the perm will stay. Depending on the kind of hair you have, the stylist will adjust the time and/or rod size to suit it. In addition, the perm you get will also depend on the way your hair is cut. Hair that is all at one length will be permed in a manner different to that of hair that is cut in layers. It is also a good idea to get your hair trimmed after the perm, to get it into perfect shape and remove any "fishhooks". Remember that permed haircuts with short hair are important to keep your head of curls in shape, and discourage an out-of-bed head of hair.
Options for Perming Short Hair
While most people assume that getting your hair permed mean that you will end up with curls, you can also use a perm to straighten curls out of their hair! This method is usually used to straighten of bangs or any portions of hair that seem to have a mind of their own. Another option among perms for short hair is a root perm, which basically adds volume to the roots of your hair, leaving you with a full head of hair. If you are looking for slightly out-of-the-box short permed hair styles, try a spiral perm, which is usually reserved for those with medium to long hair lengths. These "corkscrew" curls can look very cute, if you can carry them off. Alternately, you can get only a portion of your hair permed, perhaps loose curls that frame your face, or curls in the lower ends of your hair.
The advise that your hairstylist has to offer is crucial before you get a perm. He/she will guide you as to what is the right type of perm for your current hairstyle. There is a possibility that you may need a new cut to get good looking short permed hair. Your hair dresser will also be able to tell you what sort of perm will complement the shape of your face. There are a few elements that affect the life of your perm, which include medications, supplements, and anesthesia. If any of these have been present in your recent past or present, you need to tell your hairstylist about it. Be aware that perming damages the hair, so after perm care is especially important if you want your hair to recover its health.
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